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Oregon CrossFit  Bend, Oregon

Oregon CrossFit – Bend, Oregon

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is based on a simple system of skill and fitness. This non-sport specific program was created to help improve one’s way of life and develop general physical skills with the combination of constantly varied functional movements. You will perform movements at Oregon CrossFit that will help in your daily life. Many CrossFitters are pleased right away with a quick result of being able to do things they never thought possible. A typical CrossFit workout calls for work at high intensity (hard and fast) and often with little or no rest. Because CrossFit is a simple functional program it can be scaled to fit anyone……….We take pride in having the most dedicated and diverse CrossFit trainers in Central Oregon. We have been operating in Bend since May 2009, changing the lives of thousands of people.

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Read what Oregon CrossFit Members have to say:

Testimonial from Scout Galash
My name is Scout Galash, and I’m pretty unique to CrossFit; I’m only fifteen years old, and have been doing it for a little bit over a year now. When I began CrossFit I was extremely insecure, I lived the definition of a sedentary lifestyle, and had absolutely no muscle. I had never done a sport in my life, and the most athletic thing that I did for fourteen years was physical education class. You could say that I basically started out at the lowest that one could start at…
CrossFit works to do everything that it claims to do…CrossFit isn’t just something that has changed me physically; it has changed me mentally in so many ways. It has made me love exercise, it has made me realize that my previous “inability” to run was all mental, and it has given me a tremendous amount of confidence in my body, and my athletic abilities…
All in all, CrossFit is a place that I truly believe anyone can go to and fit right in. I may have started at the bottom of the totem pole, but I never felt that people viewed me in that way. CrossFit helps me to achieve things that sound unachievable, and gives me a level of confidence that I had never imagined having just a few years ago. Read More

Testimonial from Wende Fletcher
“I have to be honest…I did a lot of talking about wanting to try CrossFit but was secretly scared to death of it (insert images of torn and bleeding blisters/hands here). But it wasn’t until an old high school friend of mine basically held me to all that talk, did I finally venture out and try my first class. From that first session at Oregon CrossFit, I knew I found my new gym. I’ve had memberships at various types of gyms and workout facilities across town and they all serve their specific purpose for different types of people, but for me, Oregon CrossFit was the first place where I felt welcome and a part of the ‘family’ from the minute I walked through the door.” Read More

Testimonial from Brittney Perron
When I first started CrossFit there wasn’t much I could do, I had to scale every movement and struggled to finish my work outs..Even though it’s tough I now look forward to seeing what I can do and how I can continue to improve my health with the help of Oregon CrossFit. Read More

Testimonial from Chasity Ciancilo
“I have gained confidence in my body again and no longer live in fear of reinjuring my back. I excel at core exercises because I know they are important to keep my whole body functioning properly. I cannot imagine working out solo in a gym anymore.” Read More

Testimonial from Ed Busch
“The class setting is amazing. Whether it’s my classmates cheering me on or me watching them set a new PR (personal record), accomplishing a movement for the first time, or simply pushing through a workout, every day I’m inspired by one of my fellow classmates to push harder. It’s that sense of community keeps me coming back for more.” Read More

Testimonial from Eric Dummann
“The coaches are all experienced and excellent. I have been able to change my perception of what my body can do and what is possible. The positive attitudes and support from both the coaches and students is amazing.” Read More

Testimonial from Ron Carter
“I never plan on quitting CrossFitting. It has become a way of life for me and a fountain of inspiration. I sometimes feel guilty because I don’t feel as though I give enough back. I owe my new life to Oregon Crossfit and the community that it is.” Read More

Testimonial from Zach
“I spent 8 months trying Crossfit on my own before meeting the crew at OregonCrossFit. I signed up haven’t looked back. I am now a much more well rounded athlete. I can still run 30miles and I can lift weights and am getting close to those toes.” Read More

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