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Oregon Summer Games 2015

by on Mar.06, 2015, under OREGON GAMES

Please save the date; August 22 and 23 the 2015 Oregon Summer Games will be taking place at Summit High School!

Please check out the details here on the Facebook event page:

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Day 2 Workouts

by on Jan.18, 2015, under OREGON GAMES

Workouts for Day 2 of the Oregon Winter Games:

Yeti: 12-9-6 Backsquats 275/365, Deadlift 365/255

Scaled: 30-20-10 Assault Bike and Deadlifts 185/135

Team: Both partners working, max calories on assault bike and max thrusters 95/65 in 8 minutes

RX: 3 rounds, Round 1: 10 calories on assault bike, 7 front squats 185/135, 20 pull ups

Round 2: 15 calories, 7 front squats, 15 C2B pull ups

Round 3: 20 calories, 7 front squats, 10 bar m/u


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Oregon Winter Games 2015 Day 1 WODS

by on Jan.17, 2015, under OREGON GAMES

Please check the schedule here:

Day 1 Workouts for the Oregon Winter Games 2015

Yeti WOD 1: 4 stations, 30 seconds at each station with 30 seconds transitions. DB Snatch 110/70, KB Clean and Jerk 108/70, Single DB ground to OH 110/70, stone over yoke

Yeti WOD 2: Max Calories 4 min on the rower

Yeti WOD 3: Max Effort cleans 225/155

Teams WOD 1: Partner A gets 3 attempts to establish a max OH Squat, Partner B gets 3 attempts to establish a shoulder to overhead

Team WOD 2: 5 min time cap, Deadlift 275/185 and ring dips, starts at 3 reps and continues upward by 3 reps each round; 3,6,9,12 etc…

Team WOD 3: 21-15-9 row for calories, chest 2 bar pull ups

RX WOD 1: 3 attempts to establish a max clean

RX WOD 2: 3 minutes max hand release burpees onto a plate

RX WOD 3: 25 thrusters 135/95, 500m row, 25 back squats 135/95, 1000m row

Scaled WOD 1: 3 attempts to establish a max clean

Scaled WOD 2: 3 min max hand release push ups onto a plate

Scaled WOD 3: 25 thrusters 65/45, 500m row, 25 backsquats 65/45, 1000m row

Masters WOD 1: 3 attempts to establish a max clean

Masters WOD 2: 3 minutes max Hand release burpees onto a plate

Masters WOD 3: 25 thrusters 95/65, 500m row, 25 back squats 95/65, 1000m row


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2015 Oregon Winter Games Sponsors

by on Jan.06, 2015, under OREGON GAMES

Thanks to Chris Miles of CM Design for this fantastic logo for our Winter Event! (

Sponsors :
Momentum Gear ( Providing some new Trophies for Winners!!

RokFit ( (Discounts for Judges/Volunteers!)



Max Muscle ( (Recovery Drinks to All Athletes!!!)



Girls Rx’D (
Girls Rx'D


Humm Kombucha (

Humm Kombucha JPEG

Paleo Eats (


Fleet Feet Shoes ( Bringing Inov-8s F235′s and Fastlifts!

Fleet Feet

BigFoot Bottle Company (

BigFoot Bottle Co

Oso Barbell Clamps (

Oso Barbell Clamps

KnotOut (

The Uncommon Breed (

LE Bandz


Recovery/Medical/KTaping Area:

Central Sport & Spine (
Central Sport & Spine


MarcPro (

PerformTex (


Ben Hokenson ( )

Mike Hill, DC (

Josh Zavertnik


Licensed Massage Therapists:

Chiara Davies (

Dawn Hathaway with Central Sport & Spine

Laura Fieberg who works out of Oregon Crossfit

Michael Reid (


Almine Barton ( )



Prize Donors: 

Life As Rx ( Unable to attend this time, but still offering a lot of Gift Cards for Winners!


RX Jump Ropes (

rx_logo_BOX white


Hylete (

Hylete 1

Hydroflask (



Food Vendors:

Longboard Louie’s (

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Winter Games 2015

by on Nov.04, 2014, under OREGON GAMES

This year the event will be hosted at the The Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center ( 
This is an indoor, 16,000 sq ft heated space. 

The event will have Longboard Louie’s on site to sell breakfast and lunch during the event. 

Divisions: Mens/Womens: Rx, Scaled, Yeti, Masters and 2 person, same sex teams. 

The Shilo Inn(541-389-9600) will be giving a discount to anyone that wishes to stay there.(Shilo Inn is less than a 5 minute walk away from the event).

REGISTRATION: Will open on Nov 24th.


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WOD 3 Oregon Summer Games 2014

by on Aug.23, 2014, under OREGON GAMES

WOD 3 Teams: HS Walk, OH walking lunge, buddy carry down and back, OH walking lunge, HS walk, Pistols. (Task Completion)

WOD 3 Scaled: 10 minutes to complete, shuttle sprint, 50 lateral hops, OH walking lunge, 50 lateral hops, shuttle sprint

WOD 3 Masters: 10 minutes to complete, shuttle sprint, 50 lateral jumps, OH Walking lunge, 50 lateral jumps, shuttle sprint,

WOD 3 RX: 10 minutes to complete: HS Walk, 50 lateral jumps over plate, OH walking lunge, 50 lateral jumps over plates, HS Walk, 40 pistols(alternating legs)


WOD 3 Prescribed Description

Team WOD 3 Description

WOD 3 Scaled & Master Description


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Oregon Summer Games WOD 1 and 2

by on Aug.23, 2014, under OREGON GAMES

Oregon Summer Games WODs 1 & 2

WOD 1 Teams: 1 teammate gets 3 attempts at Max effort Snatch, 1 teammate gets 3 attempts at max effort clean and jerk. 8 minutes to complete. Score is total weighted lifted.
WOD 2 Teams: 10 min AMRAP, 15 DL 225/155, partner has to complete 400m run, a rounds is when both people start back on the mat.

WOD 1 Scaled: 6 minutes to find: max power clean + Front squat+ Jerk 
WOD 2 Scaled: 3 rounds, 400m Run, 15 DL 135/95, 10 min Cap

WOD 1 Masters: 6 minutes to Find max complex, Power clean + Front Squat + Jerk
WOD 2: Masters: 3 rounds, 400m run, 15 DL 155/115 10 min cap

WOD 1: RX: Max Snatch Complex: snatch+ hang snatch + OHS
WOD 2 RX: For time, 1200m run, 15 DL 225/135, then two rounds 400m run 15DL 225/135

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