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OPEN 2012 is done

by on Mar.25, 2012, under Workouts

Monday, March 26

Nice job to everyone who completed the Open 2012.  It was great to see everyone work as hard as they did.  All 35 people who signed up for the Open tried very hard and I m proud of each and everyone of you.  If nothing else we all have identified one thing or another to work on.

WOD: 3x300m row, fastest single split is score that goes on board, rest as needed between attempts.  If weather is nice complete 2x250m sprints as well.

Challenge: Back Squat 3×5(add 5#s from last week) warm up sets of 10,8 This is the last week of the progression, if you feel like you can handle a jump of 10#s, go for it.

Play: Foam Roller

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  • Patrick

    Agreed. Great job to everyone. Watching people work hard, surpass their goals, and achieve new things is great. I encourage everyone to consider the Open when it rolls around next year. :)

    By the way, Oregon Crossfit is bringing a team to Regionals!!!! Memorial Day weekend, Mike Conner and a crew of others will be traveling up to Puyallup to support our team!!! It’s fun to see the top teams and individuals throw down.

    Also, I had a great time with the Saturday classes! Great to finally meet some morning class folks.

  • Sean

    @OC, The Again Faster Jump Ropes are in, they are $24. Let me know if you want one.

  • Dennis

    That has to be the worst way to row 900 meters! But in a good way…

  • Sean

    @OC, does anyone have any video of the last summer or winter games? I m trying to get some videos made and I need some high quality footage. Please let me know. THANKS!!!

  • Patrick

    @Sean, ask Roo as well. She made that one video and might have more??

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