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Wall balls, then 3 rounds medball squat cleans and american swings

by on Apr.23, 2012, under Workouts

Tuesday, April 24

WOD: 50 Wall Balls for time, rest 1 min, complete 3 Rounds 10 Med ball Squat Cleans , 10 American Swings 2/1.5

Challenge:¬†Power Snatch 3×5, warm well, and challenge yourselves.

Play: 1k cool down row

Tuesday, April 24

WOD: 10 min amrap, Max Double KB Clean and Jerk 53/35, no penalty for setting them down, just get reps lots and lots.

Challenge: 2x 500m for for time

Play: Foam Roll

EXTRA: 3xMax Rep Floor Press AHAP

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  • Collin

    @OC, don’t forget. Next Monday at 5:30pm is the first crossfit endurance class! You can sign up right now. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Sean

    Warm Up: Done
    Extra: Floor Press max reps 3 sets, 135# 22x?, 185# 10x?, 185# 13x?.

    500m Row = 1:42 first(before WOD), 1:40 2nd(after class)

    WOD = 54 reps @ 1.5, did 5 a minute and sprinted the last minute. The C&J winded me hard. I don’t think losing all that weight last week helped my wind at all. Sucks being sick.

  • Connor & Madi & Kathy

    Hi Sean, we are going to be a few minutes late for the noon class because we don’t have a car soon enough to get their on time. See you ASAP!

  • Natasha

    Shout out to Judi and Kathy for that Team wod today. Wow! You ladies worked hard on those KB swings! Good job! Very impressive!

  • Connor

    Hi Sean, I tried earlier, but it looks like it didn’t post for some reason. Madi and I are coming late, we’ll probably be there around 12:25

  • Patrick

    @Collin, looking forward to Endurance classes, I’m hoping to learn “to run” with better technique.

    @Sean, only 54?? ;) This one just looks so simple on paper….Aka, it will probably suck. 500m rows? Oh joy, can’t wait.

  • Skyler

    @pat, I decided running is over rated and will forever suck, missed the last couple days in oc I cut two of my finger tips down to the bone…. Should be back wedensday

  • Patrick

    @Skyler, don’t cut off your fingers, it will only make your arms look that much shorter. Hope they are healing up though.

    @All, if you want to try to travel up to Puyallup to support our Team at Regionals (Memorial Day Weekend), I still have 3 rooms being held in my name at the Best Western in Puyallup. Let me know if you want details.

  • Natasha

    Put me down for one Patrick, Judi is going to talk to Wes tonight and we should be able to let you know tomorrow if it is a go. Thanks!

  • Madi

    Row: 1:51.6/1:51.4
    FP: 95# 33x, 115# 15x, 135# 7x
    WOD: 70 (did sets of 5)
    @sean, thanks for the help today I really appreciate it, sorry about giving you a hard time about the press :)

  • Mike Conner

    warm up: done
    Row: 1:32.1 @5D – 1:32.6 @9D <–killed my legs
    Extra: Floor Press max reps – 135#x26 – 185×10 – 225×3 (felt horribly heavy from the start but I'll take it) way to go Travis…lotta reps and you'd all see it if he would EVER post his times on here. :)
    WOD: 10 min amrap DB KB C&J's @1.5 = 53 reps (brutal…Crossfit is hard)

  • Elena

    Row: 1:58, 2:04
    Floor press: 95×5, 105×4, 115×2
    Kb C&J 12kg 76 reps

  • Star

    Great excuse Skyler. Pussy.
    Row: 1:51, 1:55
    Floor Press: 21 @95#, 14@ 105#, 7 @ 115#
    Did light weight on the WOD. My back is being weird. Didn’t count very well but got 80+ or something.

  • Patrick

    Row: 1:33.2, 1:29.0, PR(last best was 1:29.1.. :) )
    Extra: Did clapping push-ups instead of Floor Press
    WOD: 57 reps on C&J, tore both hands….

  • Judi

    FP: Did it at light weight sets of 15. My shoulder did not like the floor press today :(
    WOD: 52 reps at 35#
    Row: 2:08, 2:12 Good thing I don’t have to row at regionals :)

  • Travis

    Row: 1:31, 1:35
    Floor Press: 135lb 35x, 185lb 20x, 225lb 10x
    WOD: 45 reps

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