2019 CrossFit Open Recap Week 1 – Oregon CrossFit Bend, OR

CrossFit Open 2019

Week 1 Recap of the 2019 CrossFit Open

CrossFit Open 2019

Week 1 of the 2019 CrossFit Open was announced:

Gifting us with a very simple(that means it would hurt more) workout of wall balls and rowing – 19 wall balls 20/14 and 19 calories rowing for 15 minutes.

Those participating in the 2019 CrossFit Open were split into two teams and were tasked to wear their favorite sports teams jersey/clothing. The top three teams(unofficially) were the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers(at least half of their fan base globally, were at the gym Friday night) the Boston Bruins(mainly Steve, Danielle and Marissa). Some people wore NBA gear though I’m not sure anyone watches it anymore, at least since Michael Jordan retired.

We saw a few people get their first wall balls as prescribed(Rx’d), which is awesome! The CrossFit Open is always great for pushing people a little bit further out of their comfort zone.

The team roster and scores can be found here:

Points were given out as follows:

1 point for participating in the workout, 1 point for dressing up, 1 point(unannounced prior) judging someone while they completed the workout.
If you are not on the scoreboard or you missed last week but you want to jump in this week please let us know – the more the merrier!

Puori was gracious enough to sponsor the 2019 CrossFit Open again this year and will have Samples available for Weeks 2-5. Week 2 you will be able to partake in their Fish Oil challenge. The winning team each week, will have one randomly selected member to receive a prize as well. This week’s winning competitor was Kaylin I. and she will receive a bottle of Puori M3 and a tank/t-shirt.

For Week 2 the theme is Crazy socks –

Ff you have crazy socks, knee high socks and short shorts(you guys know who you are) or those fancy Stance socks all of the kids wear these days… Please wear them and show them off as we tackle the CrossFit Open Week 2!

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