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My name is Sean Wells – I have been training people professionally since 2010. Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to train kids as young as 11 to adults in their 70’s and everything in between. My proudest moments have been helping athletes compete from middle school through high school and into college athletics. Over the years, it’s been very rewarding to help train men and women in their 40’s and 50’s become stronger than they ever were.

I enjoy all aspects of physical training and have been lifting weights since I was in the 5th grade. Currently, I enjoy weight training and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Reading is one of my biggest hobbies – I’ve read hundreds of books related to physical training.

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Sean Wells | OWNER

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Oregon Crossfit Coach



CrossFit Level-2, CrossFit Level-1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Scaling/Spot The Flaw/Lesson Planning, National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Professional in Exercise Nutrition, GGS Pre/Postnatal Certified, CPR/AED and Basic FirstAID Certified.

Sarah is passionate about supporting & encouraging people to make positive changes in their lives through fitness & nutrition.

Sarah’s personal health & fitness journey began a decade ago in an effort to improve her overall well-being. In 2012 her husband, Brian, discovered CrossFit – after months of him encouraging her to try it she gave it a try. Instantly she was humbled and hooked! She fell in love with the intelligent programming and positive community. Sarah’s life was transformed, her empathy runs deep & her passion to help others in the ways fitness & nutrition has helped her is evident.

At Oregon CrossFit you’ll often see Sarah managing OC’s day-to-day operations, coaching and working one-on-one with nutrition & personal training clients… She works with all ages & abilities.

Oregon Crossfit Coach



CrossFit Level-2, CrossFit Level-1, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, Oregon CrossFit Intern Program, USAW Sports Performance Coach, CPR/AED and Basic First AID Certified.

After years of being a “Gym Rat”, Brant decided he needed to mix it up and began to dabble in CrossFit in his buddies garage. However it wasn’t until 2010 that Brant took CrossFit up as his training method full time. He never looked back. CrossFit allows him to play all the sports he likes and even run the occasional race, while being able to focus on being stronger and healthier.

Outside of the gym, you can find Brant doing all of the things that living in Bend allows; such as hiking up mountains with his wife in the summer and Snowboarding down them in winter, as well as wakeboarding, basketball, fishing, and even struggling through a round of golf.

Oregon Crossfit Coach



CrossFit Level-2, CrossFit Level-1, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Scaling/Spot the Flaw/Lesson Planning, Precision Nutrition Certified Professional in Exercise Nutrition, CPR/AED and Basic First AID Certified.

Michael found Crossfit in 2006 while searching the internet looking for new ways to challenge his personal training clients. He was bit by the bug and immediately started adding the workouts to his daily routine. Michael believes that there is no better or bigger way to make an impact on people’s lives than through fitness.

Michael realized that helping people with fitness would always be a part of his life when, after 6 months of training a client and helping with his nutrition, he was approached by his client, in tears, who had just returned from the doctor and exclaimed that he was finally taken off all of his medications that he had been prescribed for more than 10 years.

Michael moved to Bend in the summer of 2017 to enjoy the numerous outdoor opportunities including mountain biking and snowboarding.

Oregon Crossfit Coach



CrossFit Level-2, CrossFit Level-1, Precision Nutrition Certified Professional in Exercise Nutrition, National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer, Two-Brain First Degree Coach, Diabetes Prevention Program Certified, CPR/AED and Basic FirstAID Certified.

Emily grew up playing a wide variety of sports from soccer and softball to field hockey, which she played in college and coached on the college level. But after a period of inactivity she went through her own personal health journey, changed careers to focus on health, and became a diehard runner. Once she moved to Bend in 2015 she found herself working from home, spending a lot of miles on the trails by herself, and struggling to find a community. Looking for a new gym where she could also have a social outlet, led her to Oregon CrossFit. That was her first experience with CrossFit and the community, and she’s been hooked ever since.

Outside of the gym, Emily is a Health Coach and spends the majority of her days helping people around the country prevent diabetes and metabolic syndrome, while finding an overall healthier lifestyle.

Personally, when Emily isn’t supporting others in their health journeys, she enjoys exploring Bend’s trails, rivers, caves, lakes, and mountains. If she’s not sitting by the river reading a book or ripping through Phils trail complex on her mountain bike, she’s probably in her kitchen whipping up the next best healthiest dish you ever tasted!

Oregon Crossfit Coach



CrossFit Level-2, CrossFit Level-1, CrossFit Spot the Flaw, Two-Brain First Degree Coach, CPR/AED and Basic FirstAID Certified.

Tiana is very passionate about helping others. She is currently in a nursing program to eventually become a nurse practitioner. She’s excited about how her coaching and nursing careers will benefit each other.

Tiana loves being active. She played soccer, volleyball, and softball competitively through high school and club.

She personally has a love for weightlifting, especially Olympic weightlifting. But if she had to pick her favorite “CrossFit” workout – it would be Grace!

Tiana started CrossFit at a young age. She did her first workout at Oregon CrossFit when she was 12 years old and hasn’t stopped since! Tiana loves the community here at Oregon CrossFit. The positive results she’s seen physically and mentally drive her to keep going & help others!

Oregon Crossfit Coach



CrossFit Level-1, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Rowing, Texas Outlaw Olympic Weightlifting Camp (Spencer Arnold’s Camp), CPR/AED and Basic First AID Certified.

Patrick was brought into the world of CrossFit in 2010 after being strongly urged to try it by his brother, Sean, and he has been actively involved at Oregon CrossFit ever since. Patrick received his Level 1 Crossfit Trainer Certificate in 2010, in 2015 and again in 2020. You may not see him coaching as frequently due to his full time job with Manzama, a software company in Bend, but he fills in for us & is a regular each weekday afternoon.

Before joining Oregon CrossFit, Patrick played football at Willamette University while earning his Economics degree and then continuing onward in school for his Master of Business Administration.

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