“What is a Turkish Get Up and Why Do We Do Them”

By Coach Sarah

While at the front desk a friend who recently started CrossFit came up after her workout and said “whatever those things are called that we had to do in class are hard”… The Turkish Get Up!

A pretty intimidating movement when you are first learning... However, the next time you see it posted, show up! With OC's expert coaching staff we'll help you through each step of this movement.

The TgU is 7 movements and then you reverse it... note the "get down" is just as important as the "get up".

  • 1 – Arm Extension. From the floor roll onto your back and help the kettlebell into the straight arm position.
  • 2 – Knee Bend
  • 3 – Sit Up
  • 4 – Hip Extension
  • 5 –...continue reading

Answer my Question - "Will doing ab exercises help me get abs?"

Answer my question is a weekly blog post where I attempt to answer questions presented by OC members in goal setting sessions or emailed to me. Have a question? Send me an email: Sean@oregoncrossfit.com - subject line “Answer my Question”

Question - Will doing ab exercises help me get visible 6-pack magazine worthy abs?

Answer - No, unfortunately not. Everyone has abs - they are there - for some they get covered up by fat and or skin, but they are still there. And they still work - they just aren’t visible.

If you want to see you abs - you need to check your nutrition - you simply can’t out train a bad diet. Step one Nutrition( https://oregoncrossfit.com/blog/yeah-i-eat-pretty-well). Step two - if...continue reading

​Building habits: It's about the process not the goal

By Coach Michael

It's the beginning of the year and hopefully you've set yourself up with some new goals. Great! Without goals it's hard to know if you are moving forwards or backwards.

The biggest question is, ‘how do you plan to reach those goals?’ In sports, everyone has the same goal, to WIN. What’s one of the differences between the ones that do and the ones that dont? The winners tend to focus on the process (behavior based) and not the end goal (outcome based). And why is that? It's the small things you do everyday that make the difference.

In Atomic Habits: An easy way to build good habits and break bad ones, James Clear lays out several strategies that can help...continue reading

Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year

The first real longer term personal training client(I will write a blog post about him - great success story) I ever had, suggested I read this book - he had read it and wanted to be able to discuss the principles with me.

I picked up the book and read it - and was blown away by the simple changes a person can make with being diligent with their exercise health and nutrition. Although I had been in business for several years I hadn’t really worked with a lot of people older than 40 years old for personal training - the book motivated me a great deal to start working with "older" clients. After reading and rereading the book I think there...continue reading

Seasons of Training

By Christian Stricker

Having done some sort of physical training for the past decade, I have come to realize that there are “seasons” in training, just like there are throughout the year. They don’t follow a specific timeline as they do with the traditional seasons and they don’t have a more or less specific time frame in which they occur in but they do come. The seasons can be planned for in the case of formal athletics, where the year revolves around the competition season and certain parts of the year are filled with different activities to prepare an athlete to be at their peak when it matters the most, in competition on the field, on the ice, in the pool, on the court, on the mat, on...continue reading

4 Easy Ideas For Self-Care

By Coach Emily

Traditionally this is the time of year we celebrate our loved ones and relationships ...But how about the relationship you have with yourself, your mind, and your body? You know, giving yourself some self-care?

The concept of self-care or self-love is simple: making time to take care of yourself for the benefit of your overall mental and physical well-being. Even though the idea is simple many of us overlook the importance of doing this regularly.

The good news? Many of you are already doing some self-care by simply coming to the gym on a regular basis, go you! Chances are you’re also feeling stressed, rushed, some nagging muscular tension, or generally worn down. This happens when we start to overlook the other parts of self-care. For example,...continue reading

"Slow and Steady wins the race"

“Slow and steady wins the race”

By Sarah Gresham

Amy reached out to Oregon CrossFit about a year ago. She was looking for a personal trainer that could work with her a couple days a week to prepare her for an upcoming Spartan Race that her and her husband signed up for.

When I first met Amy, we did a movement assessment – with her gymnast background she had great body awareness, upper body strength & mobility. However, she was unable to squat past ¼ depth and lunge without significant knee pain. I assured her that there would be plenty we could do to get her strong and ready for the upcoming Spartan Race without squatting in her program.

For the first couple of months I strictly programmed a variety of...continue reading

Answer my Question - "Do Rep calculators work?"

Answer my question is a weekly blog post where I attempt to answer questions presented by OC members in goal setting sessions or emailed to me. Have a question? Send me an email: Sean@oregoncrossfit.com - subject line “Answer my Question”

Question - Do “rep” calculators work?

Answer: Let’s get right to the point, No rep calculators don’t work. To fully explain - a “Rep” calculator says that if you do 5 power cleans at 185# that your 1RM power clean would be 245# (this is just one example) These “rep” calculators were all over the weight room that I grew up in high school and in college.

They are a complete waste of time. 100% BS and Here is why:

Repetition method and refusal method maxes...continue reading

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude

By Sean Wells

The practice of gratitude can be done many different ways. Some people want to journal, others want to tell their friends, others tell their family. The way we practice gratitude at Oregon CrossFit and appreciate the good things in our lives is by posting them in the OC members only Facebook group.

This is called “Bright Spots Friday” and it is our practice of a weekly effort to find something positive, about whatever you feel, to share with our community. 90% of this relates to training, but sometimes you want to share something more personal which is okay.

These can be little wins in regards to your training, which are important. Things that you might otherwise miss if you weren’t...continue reading

The barbell is just a tool

The barbell is just a tool

By Sean Wells

The barbell gets a lot of love and a lot of hate, online with social media, and in a gym setting. It seems like everyone has an opinion on whether people should be training more with the barbell or less with the barbell. What it ultimately boils down to is the fact that the barbell is just a tool. If it helps you reach your goals awesome, you should use it, if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t use the barbell just to use it. Let me explain.

The barbell is a great tool to build strength - you can lift heavier loads using a barbell than a person can utilizing Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Sandbags, Bulgarian Bags, etc. Why can you use...continue reading