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Sports Performance – Zack G. – Testimonial – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

Zack G. – Sports Performance Teen – Golf Zack started up with OC’s Sports Performance program a little over a year ago right before he …

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"You've lost that Loving Feeling" – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

“You’ve lost that Loving Feeling” By Sean Wells For those of you who know the movie Top Gun, you will remember this; the scene where …

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Younger Next Year – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

Younger Next Year The first real longer term personal training client(I will write a blog post about him – great success story) I ever had, …

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You can't out train a bad diet – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

You can’t out train a bad diet By Sean Wells Lots of people start at the gym looking to get healthy and fit and reach …

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"You can't manage what you don't Measure" – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” By: Sarah Gresham Over the years Jeff has struggled with his weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, & …

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"Yeah I eat pretty well" – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

Nutrition: “Yeah I eat pretty well” By: JD Alex What is it about nutrition that causes people to care so little about it? Is it …

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Working out and Proper Recovery – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

Working Out & Proper Recovery By Patrick Wells There is no question that working out stresses your body and the goal is to stress your …

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Why You Should Consider A Hybrid Membership – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

Why? We’ve all been at a place in our lives where we need some ACCOUNTABILITY! OC’s Hybrid Membership options were built for people who enjoy …

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Why does the PR Board Matter? – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

The Whiteboard and why PR’s matter At Oregon CrossFit we have a huge whiteboard that says “PR Board” the board is placed in a prominent …

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Why Deadlift? – Oregon CrossFit Bend, Oregon

Why Deadlift? By Christian Stricker The deadlift. People either seem to love it or hate it. Some people are afraid of it and some people …

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