Answer my Question - "Do Rep calculators work?"

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Question - Do “rep” calculators work?

Answer: Let’s get right to the point, No rep calculators don’t work. To fully explain - a “Rep” calculator says that if you do 5 power cleans at 185# that your 1RM power clean would be 245# (this is just one example) These “rep” calculators were all over the weight room that I grew up in high school and in college.

They are a complete waste of time. 100% BS and Here is why:

Repetition method and refusal method maxes are not accurate for determining 1Rep maxes. They display different types of strengths.

Max effort strength is only calculated by doing max effort - one singular effort. Everything else is testing strength endurance or something else. Read about max effort here:

I feel a lot of time these are just gimmicks that coaches use to tell parents that “Johnny” is getting stronger - instead of truly helping “Johnny” get stronger.

The best method of strength training is the max effort method, showing strength in one movement with proper technique. In order to implement that you need to build a solid foundation and use a long term system which means time and dedication not simply doing a 10 rep max on the power clean with sub par technique (which tends to appear more as fatigue sets in) as that is a recipe for injury.

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