Answer my Question - "Should I eat Fruit in the morning?"

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Question - I have heard you in passing tell someone that if they like fruit, that it is best to eat it primarily in the morning, but I don’t understand, why?

Answer: Yes, you heard correct. Fruit or honey works great in the morning because if you don’t have any sugar the body is going to signal your adrenals to produce adrenaline alongside the high cortisol you already have in the morning (naturally occurring). Stress hormones are going to trigger the kidneys and they are going to release ammonia and lactate - these break down muscle tissue and organ tissue in attempts to extract sugar. So, intaking some sugar in the morning will avoid muscle tissue breakdown (in a very simplified sentence).

You need sugar - gotta have it in some form for the brain and liver. If you are going to eat fruit it gives you a bit of a head start to eat it first thing in the morning so that you are not consuming your muscle tissue.

Most people get addicted to stress hormones - this is why it takes 90 or 120 days sometimes for people to see changes in body composition when changing their nutrition. Their hormones are jacked from years of eating poorly and not taking care of themselves. I personally use a product called Max Adrenal - to help with this. I believe the product works - full disclosure, it is something we sell at OC, but I truly believe a lot of people have jacked hormones and this product seems to help.

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