Ben Hamilton

Ben Hamilton

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit and Oregon CrossFit(OC) have been much more to me than just an exercise program and building physical strength. The training has really opened my eyes to my own mental capabilities as well. The training has helped me manage my daily stress and pushed me in life outside of OC. Hitting the OC floor for an hour a day can really teach you something about self discipline.

Before CrossFit?

Before CrossFit I was really out of shape, undisciplined and had a few poorly treated injuries. My right knee hurt everyday after having ACL surgery in 2009 and I could barely hang from a pull up bar without dislocating my right shoulder from a torn rotator cuff in 2012 that never had surgery. None of those injuries...continue reading

Personal Training Top 8 Benefits


Many approach working out as a task to do without much thought for planning. People categorize training in their minds as a punch list item, much like cleaning their toilets or shopping for groceries. However, taking a haphazard approach to personal fitness will often yield poor or limited results. Unlike other basic day-to-day tasks, exercise requires a honed technique to achieve the desired results. Personal trainers can develop a workout routine, nutrition guidance, and overall strategy for achieving their clients’ goals. The following are eight numerous benefits of a personal trainer.

1. Set realistic goals. Nothing is more disheartening than failing to achieve a fitness goal. With enough failure, an individual may give up on their health and wellness objectives. However,...continue reading

Olivia Armstrong

Olivia Armstrong - Bend High School - Marian University

*images courtesy of Olivia Armstrong

Results since training at Oregon CrossFit in the Sports Performance Classes:

  • 2017, 17-20, Women World Champion
  • 2017, 17-20 Women World Champion
  • 2018, 17-20 National Age Group Champion
  • Numerous "Nationals" Wins

What Olivia has to say about the Oregon CrossFit Sports Performance Program:

"I have been training at Oregon CrossFit for 2 years now and been taking part in the High school/College sports performance class. This class is perfect for anyone trying to better themselves in any sport. The coach, Sean Wells, is very knowledgeable in almost every sport. If he is not, he will do what it takes to learn the sport and make you better. For...continue reading

Grant Leiphart

Grant Leiphart - Summit High School - Now student at University of Oregon

*Image courtesy of Grant Leiphart


  • 4-year varsity wrestling captain
  • 3-time wrestling state qualifier
  • First individual to compete in wrestling state finals match for Summit High
  • Highest state placing for wrestling: Second place
  • Multiple top-5 finishes in state for various wrestling styles
  • 3-year Varsity football

What Grant has to say about training with Oregon CrossFit in the Sports Performance Program:

Ever since I started training with coach Sean Wells, I have reached levels of athleticism and power that I never thought I could possess. Sean’s training allowed me to perform at my maximum level all through my sports career; from middle school through high school. Even though I didn’t continue competitive sports...continue reading

"I'm not Competitive"

“I’m not competitive”

By Coach Sarah

News flash! Yes, you are. We all are. As humans to a degree we are all competitive in some nature. Some more than others :)

Some things to highlight that you might be competitive with or not realize you’re competitive with include: Your job, the clothes you wear, the school you went to, the degree or certifications you’ve obtained, your kids grades or their athletic achievements, your Fran time (definitely not mine but maybe yours)… Ahem, what about your social media status? Should I go on?

As humans we are inherently competitive. Day in and day out we are given the opportunity at Oregon CrossFit to tap into that competitive energy in an effort to improve ourselves.

You say “Oh but I’m not competitive,...continue reading

Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year

The first real longer term personal training client(I will write a blog post about him - great success story) I ever had, suggested I read this book - he had read it and wanted to be able to discuss the principles with me.

I picked up the book and read it - and was blown away by the simple changes a person can make with being diligent with their exercise health and nutrition. Although I had been in business for several years I hadn’t really worked with a lot of people older than 40 years old for personal training - the book motivated me a great deal to start working with "older" clients. After reading and rereading the book I think there...continue reading

Jasmine Chapman

Jasmine Chapman - Bend High School -University of Puget Sound - Soccer

First Team All IMC Soccer (both Junior and Senior Year) Second Team All State Soccer (both Junior and Senior Year) State Champions for Bend FC Timbers both Junior and Senior Year

What Jasmine has to say about training in the Oregon CrossFit Sports Performance Program:

“ Ever since I have been training with Sean I have not only become noticeably faster and stronger but I have also learned so much about what it means to be an athlete, mentally and physically. Although many are hesitant to train with weights, I can only wish that I began earlier. Being a college athlete, I understand how mandatory it is to incorporate lifting into your training for both...continue reading

Tayla Wheeler

Tayla Wheeler - Bend High School - Colorado College

*Image courtesy of Tayla Wheeler

1st Team All IMC Soccer and Basketball

1st Team All State Soccer

Second Team all state Basketball

Player of the year IMC for both Soccer and Basketball

“Shooting Star” award for the Timbers Club

State Champions for Bend FC Timbers both Junior and Senior Year

What Tayla says about training at Oregon CrossFit in the Sports Performance Program:

"Training at Oregon CrossFit in the Sports Performance Program has allowed me to reach athletic goals that were once just a dream. Sean trains athletes to excel at their sport in addition to teaching them habits of lifelong health. Since joining OC 4 years ago, I have not suffered a serious injury unlike many of...continue reading

Kyle Cornett

Kyle Cornett - Summit High School - Western Oregon University - Football

*Image from Western Oregon University

3 Year Varsity Football Letterman, 2nd Team All-state Wide Receiver, 1st Team All-state Defensive Back,

4 Year Varsity Basketball Letterman, 2nd Team All-Conference Shooting Guard, All-Conference Honorable Mention Shooting Guard,

2 Year Varsity Track Letterman, State Track Meet Contender for the 100m and Javelin Throw

NCAA Division 2 College Football Scholarship

What Kyle says about training at Oregon CrossFit in the Sports Performance Program:

"Since I have been training with Coach Wells, I have discovered new athletic potential in myself. My two weakest muscles groups, my back and legs, have now become my biggest strengths as I continue to play football at the collegiate level. By doing the proper exercises and training the right...continue reading

Megan Cornett

Megan Cornett, Summit High School, Portland State Vikings Soccer and Track Athlete

*image from Official Site of the Portland State Vikings

Since training at Oregon CrossFit Sports Performance Program

First Team All IMC Soccer

Second Team All state Soccer

Offensive Player of the Year (2015) - Soccer

High School State Championship - Soccer

State Champions for Bend FC Timbers both Junior and Senior year - Soccer

Summit High Javelin Record holder - Track

Academic All Conference Portland State Fall 2018

What Megan says about training in the Oregon CrossFit Sports Performance Program:

"I started training with Sean in high school with my club soccer team and have continued training with him through college. Since training at Oregon CrossFit in the Sports Performance Program, I have become mentally...continue reading