Next Competition

Next Competition

After the excitement of competition those that competed are already in search of the next competition to train for and something to set their sights on. Those who watched the competition are motivated and inspired to start training harder. Which is natural and great! What we coach here at Oregon CrossFit is that you want to plan your competitions and compete about 3-4x a year. This schedule allows you to recover from previous competition or event, train hard for 2-3 months and then go and compete again.

Why do we recommend this?

Several reasons but some of the most important are below. A competition is a test - testing of your training, testing of your ability to complete the tasks that the competition set out. For those who train...continue reading

Fall Schedule

Labor Day will kick off our Fall Schedule. - OC will have a GP Class at 9:30am! The 9am class will move to 9:30 to accommodate those who need to drop off kids at school.

August 29th is our last QuickFit workout at least for the Fall. We will be having a 4:30pm GP class and then 5:30pm Weightlifting, and a 6:30pm Endurance class. A lot of people had requested a General Population classes on Wednesday so this Fall we will be offering that. We always want to be moving forward and progressing - our current members are always our priority.

The last Burn class will happen on Thursday, August 30th. We will reevaluate in the future if there is a demand for the class in the Winter.

Finally - we...continue reading

Thank you!

Thank you!

Once again we are on the backside of another Best of the West event. We are lucky to have such great support from everyone in the Oregon CrossFit community and the greater CrossFit community. Thank you from all of us here at Oregon CrossFit for your support in running this event and thank you athletes for choosing to compete at Oregon CrossFit’s Best of the West 2018!

This year we had 320 athletes participate and over 600 people in attendance. Out of the 320 competitors, 29 were from Oregon CrossFit. To put on the event we had 75 people helping with set up/tear down, judging, volunteering, etc. Out of the 75 people helping in the event 50 of those are from Oregon CrossFit. People ask about our community...continue reading

Traveling Workouts

Traveling Workouts

Coach's Notes: Most of these workouts can be completed with little to zero equipment. Scales are listed below each workout. Please remember to consult a Dr. if you have any medical issues before starting any exercise program. These workouts are suggestions and fifty ideas.

  1. 400m walking lunges
    1. can be completed at a track. Or can be completed in a hotel room by taking 200 lunge steps. Record your time.
  2. 100 Push Ups, 75 Air Squats, 50 sit ups, 25 Burpees for time
  3. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes; perform 20 scissor kicks with your legs, 5 push ups
    1. Scissor kicks: while lying on your back take your feet and cross them with your legs straight. Hands can be underneath your butt or to...continue reading

How to use the OC Workout Log - Blog

How to use the OC Blog - Log Results - ETC

A huge key to making progress, or self-improvement is knowing where you started, or where you have been. Charting your progress, or achievements allows you to better track your improvements, or your path on your fitness journey. Clearly, a big part of CrossFit is measuring your progress (See the PR post) and we want to help you do this. So the question is how to best keep track of your “records” or “progress”? Well, you can do so the old school way with pen and paper (for those of you who know me well - I have workout journals back from 2009 until semi recently), you can download an expensive app where you have to populate the work into...continue reading

Why does the PR Board Matter?

The Whiteboard and why PR’s matter

At Oregon CrossFit we have a huge whiteboard that says “PR Board” the board is placed in a prominent location where you are almost guaranteed to walk by it to change your shoes or use the bathroom. “PR” for those unaware stands for Personal Record or with weightlifters/track athletes and others it is seen as Personal Best or “PB”. On this whiteboard we write our name and something we have PR’d. In a typical week we have at least two opportunities to “PR” once on Monday during our Max effort lower body work and once on Friday on our Max effort Friday work. Also during the week anytime we do a “Benchmark” workout we have an...continue reading

Inverse Curl

Inverse Curl – Blow up your deadlift, run faster, jump higher, increase your Olympic lifts and prevent hamstring tears

By Christian Stricker,

You know that saying “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone?”? While that’s true in many circumstances in life, it’s definitely applicable to hamstring injuries. You really don’t realize how much you use them until after you tear one and every movement of your lower body that you take for granted becomes terribly painful. Having torn my hamstrings several times, all during sprinting, I have come to greatly appreciate having healthy, functional muscles back there.

Aside from getting injured, your hamstrings play a few critical roles to your athletic success including but not limited to the following:

* Extending the hip during athletic movements such as sprinting, any type...continue reading

In Body

In Body - Accurate Tracking of Body Composition

We will get to discussing the In Body tool, but first want to discuss a common situation at our gym and gyms like ours everywhere:

To better explain, let’s use a hypothetical client, Jane. Jane joins the gym and works out consistently for the first 30 days. Overall she feels better; she’s sleeping well, her clothes fit better, she is receiving compliments about how she looks, and Jane is just happier all around. Around day 40, Jane decides to step on the scale to check her weight and “progress”. Prior to starting her workouts, Jane weighed 140 pounds. She hops on the scale and despite her satisfaction with training to date, she looks down and much her to surprise and disappointment,...continue reading

How to make someone faster in a sprint?

How to make someone faster in a sprint?

Brayden Durfee -image courtesy of Shunk Photography

In our Sports Performance classes at Oregon CrossFit we have worked with high school sprinters on and off for a few years before having one to commit to allowing us to train him throughout his senior season - below are Brayden Durfee’s results and how training was organized. Brayden recently signed with Oregon State to play football - congratulations Brayden!

Brayden with OSU Head Football Jonathan Smith and Special Teams Coach Cookus after signing with Oregon State for Football 2018 - image courtesy of Brayden Durfee

We utilized the conjugate system; the training protocol was learned from reading multiple books on the system(listed at the end of the article), visiting Westside Barbell in Columbus,...continue reading

Organization of Training

At OC, our training is extremely varied, even compared to most CrossFit boxes. We do, however, follow a specific training template for the type of training stimulus we are trying to achieve on that day of the week. In our general population class, we rotate through 4 main training days. A max effort lower body focus and max effort upper body focus (lifting maximal load for a certain number of reps, typically 1 rep maxes) and upper and lower body dynamic effort days (lifting submaximal loads for a specific number of sets and reps, usually at a specific percentage of 1 RM, to achieve volume and work on form and explosiveness). While the other days are still important, those are the main training days for general population classes during the...continue reading