Goals of the deadlift seminar - Upcoming August 3rd, 12pm at Oregon CrossFit

Goals of the deadlift seminar - Upcoming August 3rd, 12pm at Oregon CrossFit

By: Christian Stricker

The goals of the upcoming deadlift seminar is to help you learn:

1) How to sumo and conventional deadlift. This includes positioning, bracing and ways to think about and

visualize the way you lift the weight (cues).

*We will be building up to a heavy single of one or the other to determine where your mini-max point, also

known as, your sticking point is so come ready to lift heavy!

2) Where your sticking point is so that you can do the proper assistance exercises (“big” exercises that resemble

the main movement or directly build it, in this case, movements that are similar to and directly build your deadlift, i.e.

block pulls and deficit deadlifts, even squats to a degree) and accessory exercises (“small” exercises intended to build

muscle and strength in the muscles and bodily structures responsible for supporting a heavy deadlift but don’t really

resemble a deadlift or main lift, i.e. GHD raises, Inverse Curls and Reverse Hypers, rows, pull ups, shrugs, etc.).

3) The general areas to focus on and specific exercises that you can use to improve/build the weak points of

your body that will lead to increased poundage on your pulls (and likely improvement in many other movements and

activities) depending on your sticking point. We will focus on the specific exercises so that you can leave with something

you can implement immediately and the general areas to target so that you can choose your own/create your own

exercises to build up weak areas and will not be limited to only the exercises that you learn about at and take away from

the seminar.

a. You’ll learn several exercises and areas of focus for each of the 3 most common sticking points just in

case your sticking point happens to change throughout the course of your lifting career and you need to shift the

focus of your training.

4) How to structure a day of training in terms of warming up, choosing the right exercises, putting the exercises

in an effective order, how to choose the sets and reps you do of each exercise and what types of strength (there are

many types of strength that your body is capable of developing) to focus on each week to continually make progress and

keep your workouts interesting!

Get signed up! Limited spots - Go here to signed up for the Deadlift Seminar - Saturday, August 3rd 12-2pm

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