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How to use the OC Blog - Log Results - ETC

A huge key to making progress, or self-improvement is knowing where you started, or where you have been. Charting your progress, or achievements allows you to better track your improvements, or your path on your fitness journey. Clearly, a big part of CrossFit is measuring your progress (See the PR post) and we want to help you do this. So the question is how to best keep track of your “records” or “progress”? Well, you can do so the old school way with pen and paper (for those of you who know me well - I have workout journals back from 2009 until semi recently), you can download an expensive app where you have to populate the work into the fields and then record results, or the Oregon CrossFit website is there to help you do this. Here is a brief description of how to use the website:

First step:


If you have never logged in before just click "Forgot Password" and then enter in your email address on the following screen.

Once you are logged in the screen will look like this:

To see your dashboard you scroll over your name in the upper right hand corner:

If you click on setting you can change your name if you we have it wrong - update your avatar(keep it PG 13 please) and log past results.

If we click on “Personal Records” we can upload any results - to search for results on a computer just use control + F or on a mac command + F

If we want to log results from the daily WOD - Bend Barbell Club - Competitor Programming - Endurance - ETC we just click on “Workouts” and then pick the category. If we click on the “name” of the workout we can then log results:

From there we scroll down and then see the Add results button - click on it and put in your results:

Once we post the results go to the daily results - If we have completed max effort work - the results get uploaded to our profile. We are working on more features - and an easier user interface but the OC website is 100% Free as a member at OC and allows you to track your progress.

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