OC Best of The West Summer 2019

OC Best of The WestSummer 2019 Important BOTW Updates!

After thoughtful consideration the OC Team has decided that Summer 2019 will be the FINAL Best of the West Event

To meet the many requests & offer a great finale, we've decided to add a small number of spots for Individual Rx Mens & Individual Rx Womens Divisions and will be opening up additional Scaled Women Teams.This event has been part of the OC community for a decade and has provided many fond memories over the years. We are looking forward to running one of the BEST events to date, to give a proper sendoff in this final year. Do not miss out on your opportunity to compete in the final year of OC's Best of the West! Register here: https://oregoncrossfit.com/events Questions? Please email info@oregoncrossfit.com

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