Protein Shakes for kids

Protein shakes for kids, are they good? Or are they bad? Learn more! Are protein shakes for kids bad? I had a parent email me ...
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Do young athletes need supplements?

Do young athletes need supplements?  We answer the question.  After Food If a youth athlete is eating three meals a day, everyday, then we can ...
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90 Day Nutrition Challenge

90 Day Nutrition Challenge kicked off this weekend. We got everyone scheduled to get their InBody Scan completed. Even if you didn’t sign up to ...
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Differences between Sports Performance and CrossFit

Sports Performance and CrossFit are different. Learn more. OC Sports Performance and Oregon CrossFit are both in the same facility.  What are the differences?  Lots ...
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Value of a Warm up

The value of a warm up can’t be overstated. Learn more about warming up before training. By Grant Liephart One of the most important parts ...
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Exercise Myths & Truths

Exercise Myths. And even more important the Truths! Here are some of the most heard exercise myths and truths that we at Oregon CrossFit. Myth: ...
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Why Do I Need a Nutrition Coach?

Why do I need a nutrition coach? With a plethora of free online content, user friendly apps and the recent introduction of AI coaching why ...
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Hydration, consuming water is important for your health. 55-60% of the human body is water. Learn tips to stay hydrated below. By: Michael Smallwood Hydration ...
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We’ll make living healthy a habit.

Living healthy as a habit. A lot of us know what we need to do…or we think we do…to reach our health goals, but how ...
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Value of Coaching

By Caitlin Ritchey Value of coaching? What is the value of coaching? Common questions. Coaching When you think of a coach you often think of ...
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