Results and Consistency

Results and Consistency

When Kris started at Oregon CrossFit he was 290 pounds and hadn’t worked out in a serious fashion since early college years(12-14 years). Kris was 34 years old but knew he needed to make a change to his lifestyle and habits. A year and half later Kris is now 209 pounds!

The before pictures:

The now pictures:

How did he do it?

Consistency is the key, and was the key to Kris’s success as well. Kris came in and attended Oregon CrossFit's Introduction session, and then joined our Basics program. In Basics, Kris did as he was asked to do and attended twelve sessions from 8/31/16 to 9/28/16.

From 9/28/16 to January 1, 2017 he attended another 63 general population classes. During this time he went from being a 3x a week person to a 4-6x a week person and treated coming to class as another daily habit - a habit that would improve his quality of life!

Was it an easy road?

Kris’s path just like a lot of people's paths; it wasn’t always easy. In late August he tweaked his rotator cuff. After the injury he missed three scheduled training sessions and then came in and modified/scaled but continued to come in and make progress. Again, being consistent and treating his physical health as an important aspect of his overall health and well being.


After the first of the year(about 3-4 months) into training, Kris started making small changes in his nutrition and diet. Eventually, moving into tracking his Macro’s and weighing and measuring his food. However, when he started, Kris focused on eliminating the “bad” things in his diet first, cutting back or cutting out the liquid calories(beer, soda, gatorade etc).

Continual progress:

Kris’s goals now include losing another 9# to get down to 200#. Kris is still consistent, comes in 6x a week, trains at the 5:30am class Monday-Friday and comes in Saturday to train with the Advanced Training class.

The Numbers:

Deadlift started at 225 and Kris can now deadlift 365. Toes to Bar started out at 0 and he can now do 21 in a minute. Bench Press started out at 150, and he can now bench press 250. Back squat started out at 210 and he can now squat 315. Finally, Kris's overhead squat went from 75 to 205.

Are you ready to start?:

To get started in you physical fitness journey, please go Here. Starting is the hardest part but being consistent and working hard will produce results!

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  • Nicole Reumannover 1 year ago

    Holy cow Kris! No idea he went through this journey. Truly inspirational, nice job dude!! This is awesome!

  • 4ff14025f45330cc31b26127c9d5a466
    Emily Rutherfordover 1 year ago

    Way to go Kris! Thanks for sharing your story and being awesome!

  • 0df825b9ca8eaab31ed89307e046af0f
    Tony Adairover 1 year ago

    Awesome job Kris!

  • Adam Raffelover 1 year ago

    That’s rad story Kris!