Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress:

Why it’s important & how to do it using the Oregon CrossFit website!

Every day we stroll into the gym, and we drag ourselves out. We sometimes feel we are getting better, but on days that may not be our best, we ask ourselves why we even come to the gym. This is when keeping track of our progress is key, we may not feel we are progressing, or think we aren’t progressing fast enough, but when you can look up the first time you did a specific workout, “FRAN” for example, compared to the most recent you can see not only see your progress, but track it as well. Tracking your progress also allows us to set realistic and planned expectations, it can keep us focused, and determined.

There are a couple different ways to keep track of your progress. You can always keep track using your own notebook, bringing it along with you in your bag and writing down each and every day’s workouts. You can also use the website, This makes things very simple, easy to input, easy to look up. Below is a quick “How To” when it comes to entering your daily workouts and tracking your progress.

Entering Previous Workouts & Movements

  1. Log in on the home page (top right hand corner of home page)
  2. Click on your name, a drop down menu will appear
  3. Find, then click on “Add/Update PRs”
  4. Find the name of the workout/movement or type the name into the search bar(control F on keyboard)
  5. Add info/record

Entering Workouts & Movements Day of

  1. Log in on the home page (top right hand corner of home page)
  2. Click “Workouts” in menu bar on top of page
  3. Click name of the workout on the day you are looking for ( workouts/days are listed with most recent day at the top of the page)
  4. If you are looking to enter a score for any class, CrossFit, Endurance, Barbell etc., locate the name of the class on the right hand side of the page under categories and click the class you are looking for
  5. After clicking on name of workout find the tab “add result” at the bottom right hand corner of that day’s workout and click to add score for the day

Remember, in order to be successful, we must be consistent, the ability to track each and every day’s workouts and movements is a great way to also track your consistency, and see your progress over time, even on the days you may not feel your best. Keep working hard, keep track of your progress day to day and reach your goals!

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