Zack G.

Zack G. – Sports Performance Teen – Golf

Zack started up with OC’s Sports Performance program a little over a year ago right before he turned 14. Here’s what Zack has to say about his experience so far:

“Joining OC’s Sports Performance program was a great decision and it has helped me improve both academically & athletically. During my first year of Middle School I was constantly stressed out about school. After starting this program, I became less stressed and it was easier for me to focus on my homework. Sports Performance class is something I look forward to everyday after school.

It has also helped me athletically. I love playing football & snowboarding but the main sport I play is Golf. I have become substantially stronger. I can drive the ball over 250 yards, which gives me a huge advantage over my competitors. Having a stronger swing also helps me with close range wedge shots and mid-range iron shots. When swinging I no longer get caught up in the ground, which happens to most golfers, so having this can help put me a couple strokes ahead of the other golfers in my tournaments.

My favorite thing about Sports Performance is the feeling of accomplishment after doing the hard work. I also like that I get to hang out with my friends every day in class. Coach Sean makes us work hard but we have fun.“

Zack is looking forward to being a part of the Football & Golf teams at Summit High School next year.

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