Answer my Question - "Do Speed ladders work?"

Answer my question is a weekly blog post where I attempt to answer questions presented by OC members in goal setting sessions or emailed to me. Have a question? Send me an email: - subject line “Answer my Question”

The question for today is “Do Speed Ladders work?

Answer: It depends on what your definition of work is. If your definition of work is to make someone tired, or have them attempt to move their feet fast, then yes, speed ladders work. If a person is utilizing the speed ladder in attempts to improve foot speed, or quickness, or 40 yard dash times or anything similar - then I would say it doesn’t increase a person’s already existing level of foot speed, quickness, etc. Your time is actually better spent...continue reading

"Chasing Dopamine"

“Chasing Dopamine”

By Sean Wells

Dopamine is the “happy” chemical. Dopamine is triggered by feelings of success, but primarily when combined with novelty or “newness”. Doing the same run every morning or completing the same route over and over is going to cause less and less of a dopamine release. This explains why workout videos are not very likely to get repeated as there aren't many surprises left after the video series is completed the first time.

Dopamine is the chemical that gets released when “comfort scrolling” on Instagram. It is the same chemical that gets released when you are playing games on your phone (Star Wars, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush) and we previously mentioned that it is released when working out (See “You’ve...continue reading

Answer My Question - Do I have to be in shape to start training at Oregon CrossFit?

We are going to start answering questions weekly, these are questions asked by members or non members. Have a question you would like me to answer? Email me

The first question: Do I have to be in shape to start training at Oregon CrossFit?

The answer: No…. very simply put No. Let me explain.

When you start at Oregon CrossFit - you do a No Sweat Consult, a 15 minute meeting to understand what you as a prospective client are looking to achieve at OC and a little history on your previous experience. At this consultation we will present you with a plan. The plan we present you with is based upon our years of experience in helping people. We take into consideration your background in training,...continue reading

Teresa's Fitness Journey

Your Story Matters, Teresa!

It is our hope that Teresa’s testimony will motivate & encourage you to start your own journey to become healthier, happier & stronger - no matter what age you are!

Why did you join Oregon CrossFit?

In my life exercise has been the only constant. I spend my summers hiking and my winters snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Weightlifting, however, has never been a constant. That is, until I joined CrossFit. I joined CrossFit about five years ago because I met an army vet on a plane who told me that his wife did CrossFit and that “if she were a cat, she could jump over a building!” He also told me that she helped get him in shape for his deployment. He had me at the...continue reading

"You've lost that Loving Feeling"

"You’ve lost that Loving Feeling"

By Sean Wells

For those of you who know the movie Top Gun, you will remember this; the scene where Maverick(Tom Cruise) sings to a woman in a bar(turns out it is his future advisor in the movie) but Maverick sings a song “You’ve lost that loving feeling”. The song’s title is more important for the context of this blog than the words or how it played out in the movie, but if you want to see the clip go here: skip to 2:41.

The song in this context and specifically the title refers to something that I see happen to people that have been training for awhile - but usually those who are training CrossFit. These people...continue reading

​Setting Goals to Improve Your Accountability

Setting Goals to Improve Your Accountability

By Sean Wells

I had a conversation today with a former member at the gym and she asked about the importance of setting goals, and we talked about how goals change as your life changes. But that no matter what you need some extra strength and conditioning to improve the quality of your life and maybe even the length of your life. After discussing this with her she asked about the process for a brand new client at OC - this is my best attempt to recreate the conversation that needs to happen:

New client at Oregon CrossFit: Alright, so I’m beginning to focus on training/fitness, or I want to work on my fitness, should I be setting goals?

Oregon CrossFit...continue reading

Nutrition and Supplementation(Fish oil)

Nutrition & Supplementation (Fish Oil)

By: Patrick Wells

Using a car as an example makes sense in this situation. Cars require a certain number of implements to run and high performing cars require higher level of gasoline. Well, your body functions in the same manner and if you fuel your body correctly, it will run as expected (by nature, not necessarily how you might have become accustomed to). Using that “high performing car” as an example of what we are striving for makes sense. This high performing car requires Premium fuel, regular maintenance and every once in a while, a tune-up and some new tires. Without the proper inputs, the car will break down.

The human body also benefits from having the proper inputs. Many will hear this concept simplified into “Garbage...continue reading

Sydney's Fitness Journey

Your Story Matters, Sydney!

It is our hope that Sydney's testimony will motivate & encourage you to start your own journey to become healthier, happier and stronger.

Why did you join Oregon CrossFit?

I had been fighting pain and loss of fitness after my second knee injury. An old friend strongly encouraged me to try Crossfit.

What's been your biggest accomplishment?

Sometimes it is the littlest things that feel the biggest - I am happy to feel that I can do as many AbMat sit ups as necessary. Oh! And I can do side planks now! Who knew?

What are you working on now?

I am currently taking the Upper Body & Core Strength Specialty class with Michael. I am hoping to manage my first pull up in over a decade.

What motivates you...continue reading

Ways to sabotage your progress

Ways to sabotage your progress

By: Sean Wells

You are coming into the gym and training consistently(4-6x) a week. You are seeing results and then BOOM - you have to go on a business trip, or your kid gets sick and you miss a week, or any of the other obstacles pop up after you have been “on a good roll”(the holidays anyone?). None of these is going to sabotage your progress with training. A week of missing coming into the gym isn’t going to make you less fit anymore than eating one ice cream sundae is going to make you gain 10#s. What will sabotage your physical fitness is letting that one week that was valid or even two weeks that was valid turn into three or...continue reading

Sleep and why your high school athlete should be getting more of it

Sleep and why your high school athlete should be getting more of it!

By Sean Wells

Oregon CrossFit has been training middle and high school students(recently even younger athletes) for close to ten years now and one observation of late has been the increase in the number of athletes that are regularly getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night.

Why is this a problem? The biggest, scariest reason this is a problem, is that kids are 1.7x as likely to get injured playing a sport if they got less than 8 hours of sleep the night before(citation below). To clearly restate this, sleep or the lack thereof is making your child more likely to get injured. All of the work that they put into the gym is not as...continue reading