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A huge key to making progress, or self-improvement is knowing where you started, or where you have been. Charting your progress, or achievements allows you to better track your improvements, or your path on your fitness journey. Clearly, a big part of CrossFit is measuring your progress (See the PR post) and we want to help you do this. So the question is how to best keep track of your “records” or “progress”? Well, you can do so the old school way with pen and paper (for those of you who know me well - I have workout journals back from 2009 until semi recently), you can download an expensive app where you have to populate the work into...continue reading

Why does the PR Board Matter?

The Whiteboard and why PR’s matter

At Oregon CrossFit we have a huge whiteboard that says “PR Board” the board is placed in a prominent location where you are almost guaranteed to walk by it to change your shoes or use the bathroom. “PR” for those unaware stands for Personal Record or with weightlifters/track athletes and others it is seen as Personal Best or “PB”. On this whiteboard we write our name and something we have PR’d. In a typical week we have at least two opportunities to “PR” once on Monday during our Max effort lower body work and once on Friday on our Max effort Friday work. Also during the week anytime we do a “Benchmark” workout we have an...continue reading

In Body

In Body - Accurate Tracking of Body Composition

We will get to discussing the In Body tool, but first want to discuss a common situation at our gym and gyms like ours everywhere:

To better explain, let’s use a hypothetical client, Jane. Jane joins the gym and works out consistently for the first 30 days. Overall she feels better; she’s sleeping well, her clothes fit better, she is receiving compliments about how she looks, and Jane is just happier all around. Around day 40, Jane decides to step on the scale to check her weight and “progress”. Prior to starting her workouts, Jane weighed 140 pounds. She hops on the scale and despite her satisfaction with training to date, she looks down and much her to surprise and disappointment,...continue reading

How to make someone faster in a sprint?

How to make someone faster in a sprint?

Brayden Durfee -image courtesy of Shunk Photography

In our Sports Performance classes at Oregon CrossFit we have worked with high school sprinters on and off for a few years before having one to commit to allowing us to train him throughout his senior season - below are Brayden Durfee’s results and how training was organized. Brayden recently signed with Oregon State to play football - congratulations Brayden!

Brayden with OSU Head Football Jonathan Smith and Special Teams Coach Cookus after signing with Oregon State for Football 2018 - image courtesy of Brayden Durfee

We utilized the conjugate system; the training protocol was learned from reading multiple books on the system(listed at the end of the article), visiting Westside Barbell in Columbus,...continue reading

Training Cross Country/Distance athletes - One example

When training a Cross Country or high school distance athlete there are some common training practices and common thoughts about what’s best. The problem with the common or the standard training protocol is that it is going to produce common or average results that are largely based on the persons incoming ability level.

Instead of limiting our training to what is commonly accepted, we have focused on producing better than average results via two measurable approaches. One, is to have the runners gain absolute strength and two, decrease ground contact time when running. An example of someone that we have worked with is Cole Rene. He attends a local high school and had seen limited results year after year. This year before Cross Country started we had a discussion concerning...continue reading

Open Gym- Open Training Session

Open Gym - Open Training Session

The idea of open gym-open training is so that those with training goals that are outside of the general population goals can have a time to train at Oregon CrossFit. The community/atmosphere/common goal feeling of OC is the most important aspect. Most people train here at OC to remain healthy/active/strong until the day they die. The classes are programmed with that thought in mind. For those who want other training opportunities OC provides that opportunity - but realize the class aspect always take priority. These rules are meant to keep everyone on the same page.

  1. No headphones in the gym. The community aspect must be maintained. Spotting people/walking by people/etc with headphones on is dangerous as they aren’t aware of their surroundings....continue reading

Changing Physique and My Relationship with food

Changing Physique and My Relationship with Food

By: Sierra Ray

When I first moved here in September of 2016, I was a burnt out college athlete looking to find another sport to focus all of my time and energy on. I came to Oregon CrossFit because I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could from the coaches and athletes here at OC. One of the very first aspects of training that was stressed to me was the importance of nutrition and the ways that I should be fueling my body.

Having just come from my first year of college, I was definitely carrying around extra weight and was not feeling very good about myself. I have never considered myself an unhealthy eater, but all of the travelling for softball made it...continue reading

OC is Hiring!


Oregon CrossFit is looking to hire a motivated, high energy CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer with an approachable personality who is passionate about fitness and making a positive impact on lives of others.

If you are interested in joining the Oregon CrossFit team, please email your resume & cover letter to :

This position will consider relocation assistance depending on the candidate. We can also assist in locating housing as we are aware Bend, OR is a competitive housing market.

We will begin interviewing qualified applicants (in-person or remotely by phone/Skype) the week of December 18th.


CrossFit Level 1, required

Minimum 1-year coaching experience, required

CrossFit Level 2, preferred

MindBody Experience, preferred

Accredited CPT Certification, preferred

1:1 Personal Training experience, preferred


$20-30/class DOE, Specialty Courses & Certifications, Competitive...continue reading

Results and Consistency

Results and Consistency

When Kris started at Oregon CrossFit he was 290 pounds and hadn’t worked out in a serious fashion since early college years(12-14 years). Kris was 34 years old but knew he needed to make a change to his lifestyle and habits. A year and half later Kris is now 209 pounds!

The before pictures:

The now pictures:

How did he do it?

Consistency is the key, and was the key to Kris’s success as well. Kris came in and attended Oregon CrossFit's Introduction session, and then joined our Basics program. In Basics, Kris did as he was asked to do and attended twelve sessions from 8/31/16 to 9/28/16.

From 9/28/16 to January 1, 2017 he attended another 63 general population classes. During this time he...continue reading