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Nutrition Struggle

The Nutrition struggle and struggling alone are some of the biggest problems when implementing changes for your nutrition and lifestyle. “I know what to do,

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InBody Scan, Bend, OR

InBody Scan – Accurate Tracking of Body CompositionSchedule an InBody Scan Today! We will get to discussing the In Body scan. First, want to discuss

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Healthy Cooking Oil

Healthy Cooking Oil People start thinking about nutrition, meal prepping, macronutrient recommendations etc one of the last things considered is the type of oils, seasonings,

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Meat Sauce

I always have this recipe in my back pocket… easy, affordable, packed with protein and quick to make! Ingredients:Directions:Sauté diced shallot, bell pepper, carrot &

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Crustless Quiche

Crustless Quiche – Meal Prep By: Sarah Rogue Breakfast Option I’m not a morning person but I love breakfast… If I don’t meal plan then

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Changing Physique

Changing Physique and my relationship with food. By: Sierra Ray Moved to Bend, Oregon When I first moved to Bend Oregon in September of 2016,

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Health and the United States Population – where is it going? By Sean Wells I recently got the questions posed to me concerning the health

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