Code of Conduct

  1. Leave your EGO at the door, a lot of Crossfit may be new to you, it's ok to start slow and with light weights
  2. Speak your mind and ASK questions!
  3. Arrive early, stay late, and encourage others. We are all in this fitness journey together.
  4. No kids on the mats during class. This is for safety of your children and our members.
  5. Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout. We ask that you treat the facility like your own home, with respect and order.
  6. Bring your family and friends. Who better to suffer with you?
  7. If someone pukes or passes out, they are simply resting. (No puking isn’t encouraged, but it can happen at times.)
  8. Don’t quit, EFFORT earns RESPECT. You put in the work and the results will come.
  9. FINALLY, Last, but very important, HAVE FUN.