The Myth that CrossFit is Dangerous

CrossFit has been around and pretty easily accessible since the early 2000’s.

 During the last 10 years or so more gyms have opened and CrossFit’s popularity really took off from the competitive aspect of CrossFit – the CrossFist Games.

Every CrossFit gym operates independently-

The same as each Chiropractic office, or Physical Therapy office, or any other non franchised businesses.  Oregon CrossFit operates independently and this allows us the freedom to use the best practices for the health and safety of our members.

A 2011 study was published that presented false data concerning safety and CrossFit.

The study stated CrossFit injury rates were higher than other physical activities. That study being published led to a lot of people suggesting that CrossFit was dangerous.  The study and the publisher of the study have been sued(by CrossFit and CrossFit won). The court found that authors “falsified” data to help themselves and hurt their competitors(CrossFit).  However, the narrative continues to persist today.  

As an independent owner of a business –

We have our own systems & processes to ensure the safety of all of our prospective members.  Our process includes a consultation with every prospective member one-on-one.  No working out, just a conversation about their experience & how we can help them reach their goals.  During this time we identify the best path for which we can help that person be the most successful. 

Maybe the path is nutrition, maybe it is personal training, maybe it is CrossFit

From there we make recommendations of where to start. Most everyone starts with one-on-one personal training.  

Why you might ask? Why personal training?

We can solve a lot of problems one-on-one that you can’t in a group training session.  We want you to be safe, and to be safe we have to determine your current level of fitness, your background, your past injuries, etc

Throwing you in the deep end of the pool before asking and having you show us that you’re capable of swimming is potentially scary & not appropriate.

At OC we start one on one with personal training to ensure your safety and then make recommendations based on your progress and ability levels.

The injury rates related to CrossFit training and other sports are very similar –

 In fact one research paper stated this “Clinical Bottom Line: Current evidence suggests that the injury risk from CrossFit training is comparable to Olympic weightlifting, distance running, track and field, rugby, football, ice hockey, soccer, or gymnastics”  You may see the whole article here.  

Healthcare Professionals train at OC –

The last count here in the gym we have 20+ people training in our general population classes or personal training clients that are in the medical field. These are doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, pharmacists, nurses, firefighters. All who work in the medical field, all who are working towards improving themselves. And as a byproduct improving their health!  It is very hard to believe that all of these people are risking their long term health doing something “dangerous”.

If you are looking for a place to help you train, evaluate their process.

Is your prospective gym asking the right questions? Does the starting process seem appropriate to ensure your long-term health & safety? Is it a great experience and do they strive to provide you with the best hour of your day? If you answered yes, you are headed in the right direction at the right CrossFit affiliate. 

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