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“Enjoying The Journey”
By Sarah Gresham

Michelle takes advantage of everything the NW has to offer. She’s a windsurfer, hiker & mountain biker… in the Winter she loves to ski.
For years Michelle had been globo-gym-ing it on her own. About a year ago Michelle reached out to me for personal training. She had a 40th birthday dream ski trip planned that she wanted to prepare for.
Michelle was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with “CrossFit”. Her impression of CrossFit was that we are all a bunch of crazy tire flipping beasts. I assured her that at OC we’re just a bunch of normal everyday people who strive to be healthy & strong. No tires needed.
When I first started working with Michelle, she had significant knee pain, difficulty squatting down to parallel and limited upper body range of motion. So I programmed very basic foundational movements; squat, push/press, pull, hinge & carry – as well as accessory work to strengthen her core & posterior chain.
After a few months of personal training, she gained significant strength & endurance. I’ll never forget the text she sent me while skiing on Mt. Hood “I skied 3-hours – no pain!”
Eventually, Michelle made the switch from personal training to OC classes and for 5-months she has been attending 3-5x a week… she even throws in a Weightlifting class here and there to work on her form & technique.
While initially Michelle’s focus was weight loss we’ve worked on shifting her focus to building physical strength so she can continue to do all the activities that bring her joy.
Over the last several months we’ve use the InBody composition scans to track her progress. She’s lost body fat & gained muscle — all of which we would not know if we based her results on body weight alone. Using the InBody tool has given Michelle a better understanding of the changes her body is undergoing and shows that all her hard work is paying off. She feels accomplished and motivated to keep going.

Most recently Michelle reached out for a Nutrition Macronutrient Consult. She’s learning to meal prep & fuel her body properly for her goals & activity level.
To be honest there have been times Michelle has been frustrated & upset with her progress. However, she continues to be patient & positive. She shows up consistently & works really hard.
After the CrossFit OPEN workout 19.4 Michelle texted me, “I’m still super motivated. . . 5-months in. Longest I’ve ever “enjoyed” working out.”
She understands that this is not a get fit quick program – that Oregon CrossFit’s program is about sustainable long-lasting results. Most importantly she’s ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!

Michelle’s favorite quote:
“If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” – Bill Bowerman
It has been so fun being a part of Michelle’s fitness & nutrition journey at OC. We can’t wait to see what this next year brings!
Be sure to give Michelle a high-five next time you see her in class!
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