2011 Summer Games

August 8, 2011 - August 9, 2011

Oregon Crossfit
555 NW Arizona Suite 50
Bend, OR

Rx Individuals - Male

  • Showcase WOD ??

    This was for the finalists (top 10 I think) and it was for a head start in the final workout.
    It was a "horse style" box jump for max height. Each athlete would try and whoever made a height, it would go even higher and they would all go again.

  • WOD ??

    Gymnastics Focused WOD via Jeff Tucker:
    I don't recall the details and can't find this anywhere, but it started with a Strict Ring Muscle Up, which was CHAOS at that time. It had muscle ups and handstand pushups and it was pushing the envelope. :)

  • WOD ???

    Tire Flip Ladder
    Athletes proceeded through about 18 tires, of increasing size/weight/grip difficulty and had to flip them over.

  • WOD 1

    800m run with sandbag
    50 Backsquats w/ sandbag
    20 Ground to Overhead w/ sandbag
    25meter sprint to the finish line.

    Sandbag weights were 60/40.

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