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Healthy Competition
By J.D. Alex
When in the gym, at the stoplight, or at the grocery store, do you find yourself on an imagined racetrack like I do? Do you compare what you do to what “they” do? When you come to a task especially within the gym, do you find you won’t work as hard when you have to scale a workout when the person next to you is beating you RX’ing the workout? I believe that this is a normal human response, we are competitive in nature, whether you say that you are or are not out loud, the voice within you says something very different.
The saying “me vs. me” or all that matters is the competition within myself has been flung around so much now that it almost leaves a bad taste in our mouth, competition is healthy, it pushes us, it drives us inside and outside the gym and you may not even notice it. For example, you are a parent, are you not doing everything you can to provide the best for your child? Well, to shine a little competition light into your life that is competitive nature at it’s finest. You are trying to provide the best possible life for your child, while the parent next to you is doing the same, so once again you are competing against that person, against all the other parents to get your child to the top. Again, nothing wrong with that at all, in fact I encourage it, in a healthy, and positive manner.
Let’s focus on life within the gym before you start face palming the little kid next door so your kid get’s the best seat on the bus.
Inside the gym “the challenge” is real, we are intimidated on some days and feel like Super-man and Super-girl the next. The resolution is simple, for the month of December I propose that you play a little game (insert dude from Saw’s voice here). You and a friend, a group of friends, or a stranger have a little competition. It doesn’t have to be daily, but could be as little as one day a week, or a few days a week that each person in your competition must show up and complete the workout, would be cool to all show up to the same class, but not a must, and you go head to head, doesn’t matter if one person goes RX and the other person has to scale the competition remains and whoever wins, WINS! At the end of the month, tally up and declare a winner! You can even put a bet on it, a cup of coffee, or loser has to shovel winners driveway when it snows, whatever you guys do the competition is healthy, friendly, and pushes us harder than what we may have thought possible, furthering the results we may be getting as the intensity will more than likely increase.
Have fun with it! Competition is healthy! Good luck!
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