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Healthy Cooking Fats

When people start thinking about nutrition, meal prepping, macronutrient recommendations etc one of the last things considered is the type of oils, seasonings, dressings, and condiments on your food. If you want to start making better decisions in regards to your food intake, one strategy is picking better/healthier oils to prepare your food with.
First, let’s discuss the oils that you should avoid:
Why should we avoid these oils? Very simply put – there are better choices that do not have negative side effects. Studies are coming out like this one: ( ) that test how rat health is impacted after getting these oils placed into their diets. Even introducing these oils 20% of the time led to negative consequences to the mitochondria, a decrease of repair mechanisms, and a reduced cardiac output.(probably a good indication that they have negative human reactions as well). These negative outcomes came about in just 4 weeks of exposure to the rats.
Beyond the study above, there are other negatives of using vegetable oils; these oils listed previously are produced in processes that utilize high heat levels; the exact opposite of producing olive oil for example. “Cold pressing or first pressed” ensures you are getting the highest quality of olive oil without the high heat and added chemical exposure.
Healthy Fat Choices:
The better choice oils are natural oils that have been used for generations. They are a healthier fat and are typically produced in a cold pressing fashion that ensures your oil isn’t being contaminated with chemicals.
When making changes to your diet and nutrition it might be easy to “forget” to adjust the oils you are used to cooking with but these in fact might be the easiest changes to be made to start making healthier choices.
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