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Next Competition
After the excitement of competition those that competed are already in search of the next competition to train for and something to set their sights on. Those who watched the competition are motivated and inspired to start training harder. Which is natural and great! What we coach here at Oregon CrossFit is that you want to plan your competitions and compete about 3-4x a year. This schedule allows you to recover from previous competition or event, train hard for 2-3 months and then go and compete again.
Why do we recommend this?
Several reasons but some of the most important are below. A competition is a test – testing of your training, testing of your ability to complete the tasks that the competition set out. For those who train at Oregon CrossFit and compete in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, StrongFirst, 5k-marathon runs – we know the events. We can effectively plan and program to ensure we are progressing. For the local strength and conditioning events/physical fitness events we have no idea of what is going to be programming or what their experience is programming the events. So just like high school/college etc you want to be prepared for the TEST. Signing up for the weekly local event is jumping in and taking a midterm without cracking the book – sometimes it works but most often than not you end up frustrated or confused. Same with signing up for events without preparation.
Okay I got it! How should I plan on my “test(s)”?
If possible you would schedule over a 12 month or 1 year block of time and in that year you would schedule those 2-3 tests a year. With weightlifting/powerlifting it is getting easier and easier to do that as there are more events happening on a consistent schedule. For physical fitness events like OC’s Best of the West – it happens every August usually the last two weeks. You can plan on it.
I am working on my schedule for my competitions/tests what if I want to compete in multiple sports?
We have a lot of multi sport adults training at OC – between running, physical fitness events, weightlifting, powerlifting, StrongFirst, biking events, etc,etc there is a lot going on. Just need to make priorities and decide on what’s important to you. The coaching staff at OC can always help you by getting you in for personal training, helping you with goal setting, nutrition etc so that you can test yourself without all the negatives.
Our goal at OC is to help you be healthy, strong, confident people and to do that we need everyone that trains here to understand that a professional athlete that is training 4-6 hours a day doesn’t compete every weekend or every month. So if you are training 1-2 hours a day 4x a week it isn’t appropriate for you to be “testing” each week or month.
The next competition that members at OC historically compete at is the Battle of the Boxes – this event for 2018 is October 20th in Wilsonville. The event is a 4 person team event. Last year we had the winning rx team! To find out event details go here: If you are interested in this event – email and we will get you on the list. Registration needs to be completed by September 15th for a discount on the registration cost.
Thanks for checking out Oregon CrossFit in Bend, Oregon. Oregon CrossFit is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit/Personal Training facility.
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