OC is a welcoming community for all

We apologize about the delay in getting this message out as we have been heads down, preparing to re-open OC tomorrow.

In regards to CrossFit and CrossFit’s CEO comments:

OC has and always will be open to EVERYONE in the community who values physical training, hard work, results, and reaching one’s goals.  We are welcoming to ALL people. EVERYONE is given the opportunity to be part of the OC family.  We are here to help EVERYONE become healthier, better versions of themselves. 

We do not support or stand behind Glassman’s statements. They do not represent our values and beliefs. Statements like that have no place in our community.

In the coming days we will be reevaluating our relationship with the name CrossFit. 

No matter what changes may come, OC will continue to offer the same level of functional fitness training, strength training, and sports performance training that all of you have come to know and appreciate.

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