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Online Training Platform

We have received a lot of communication(emails, texts, calls) letting us know that they wanted to know more details about the online coaching platform and how Oregon CrossFit operates it. I will lay everything out here so that we can hopefully answer all questions.
We have three levels of service for the online training;
Base Online training, Core Online Training, and Max Online training.

Base Online Training
Base online training is programming delivered to you either by email, text daily, or a google drive document. The programming is put into place to ensure you help you reach your goals, same as we do in the physical location. If you train 3x a week (or 12x a month) then you will get 12 workouts, a set time to do said workouts. Text or email before and after the workout to answer basic questions, help with modifications for equipment or lack thereof, and set goal for the workout. Basically a brief at the whiteboard like we do if you were in class. Once a month we meet, by zoom call or in person, if possible to complete a 30 minute PT session, goal sessions or address movement deficiencies.

Core Online Training
Core Online training is delivered the same way as Basic, but with increased accountability and increased support. The programing is sent with demo videos, includes specific modifications for equipment, space time etc. The text message support is increased in frequency and ensure a next level of service to make sure we are helping you achieve your goals. This service also provides a monthly check in using the InBody scan to gives us details of how your body is changing. At this level of service we are going to do two 30 minute sessions either on facetime/zoom to go over movements, set goals, do course corrections etc.

Max Online Training
Max Online Training is delivered same as Basic and Core but also comes with phone calls and video/zoom calls to ensure we are keeping you focused and on track. The programming is provided with demo videos, includes all modifications for all movements. Encompassed in this plan is also nutrition support, text message support for food selection, InBody monthly scans. This level of support measures progress, helps you stay organized, and ensures success for your training. This level of service covers all bases; nutrition, recovery, tracking, programming all on point. At this level of service we do 3 monthly calls that can cover anything from nutrition to movement work.

If you have specific questions concerning which group you would fit best for you – or if you need help just let us know. We are doing Zoom calls right now for non members to make sure it is a good fit.

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