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At OC, our training is extremely varied, even compared to most CrossFit boxes. We do, however, follow a specific training template for the type of training stimulus we are trying to achieve on that day of the week. In our general population class, we rotate through 4 main training days. A max effort lower body focus and max effort upper body focus (lifting maximal load for a certain number of reps, typically 1 rep maxes) and upper and lower body dynamic effort days (lifting submaximal loads for a specific number of sets and reps, usually at a specific percentage of 1 RM, to achieve volume and work on form and explosiveness). While the other days are still important, those are the main training days for general population classes during the week. An outline of our weekly training schedule can be seen below.
Monday – Max Effort Lower Focus (ME Lower). Typically a squat or deadlift/pull variation, usually working up to a 1 RM with assistance work to build upon weakness areas of the lower body and contribute to being able to lift a larger load in your 1 RM and prevent injury. Conditioning and recovery/cool down follows max effort and assistance work.
Tuesday – Dynamic Effort Upper Focus (DE Upper). Normally working on some sort of pressing movement, press, bench press, push press, various jerks, etc. with a submaximal load that you can lift with your best technique. Reps are fast and crisp, rest times are low. Followed by assistance work for upper body, conditioning and a recovery/cool down type activity, typically.
Wednesday – Weakness and structural integrity training for your body. This is the day we typically work on stuff that we don’t have time for on the other days that contributes to strengthening weak areas of the body to keep you safe and injury free, as well as build on your lifts and fitness. Normally followed by an aerobic conditioning type workout and recovery/cool down.
Thursday – Dynamic Effort Lower Focus (DE Lower). Fast, explosive squats and pulls (deadlifts) done for many sets and low reps at specific percentages of 1 RM. Technique, speed and explosiveness are key on this day. Usually followed by conditioning and recovery/cool down activities.
Friday – Max Effort Upper Focus (ME Upper). This is the day where we hit a maximal upper body push or pull. Typically a bench press, floor press, standing press, push press or jerk variation for 1 RM. After maxing, we hit some assistance work to build on the main lift, do some conditioning and do our recovery/cool down work for the day.
Saturday – Long duration aerobic conditioning or team training events.
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