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Personal Training and Programming
At Oregon CrossFit we have successfully had a personal training program going for 10+ years. Working with those who needed or wanted more coaching, accelerated results and specialized programming tailored to help them reach their goals. The personal training coupled with Inbody scans to monitor and track progress allowed us to objectively track and see progress. For those who weren’t necessarily worried about body composition but struggled to identify goals the Inbody works well to put a number on progress.
As the at home training options have continued to expand it seems like the number of programming requests that we have received has increased as well. Some people are former members who moved away that would like to continue to follow a conjugate style strength program, a weightlifting program, a body building program, a glute training program, or one of the many other programs that we offer.
Others are interested in programming options as it is a great way to utilize their home gym or the equipment that they have such as a Peloton, membership to Yoga studio, or one of the rock climbing gyms for example. People mention how they don’t have someone that helps them combine everything together in a seamless fashion – we can do that!
We value the diversity of options for physical training here in Central Oregon, and in attempts to continue to help more people in Central Oregon be healthy and fit we have started offering blocks of individualized programming with great success. We have had several longer term members utilize the individual programming for a few years now with great success. The word of mouth has led to more requests and now we have a live option for at home personal programming and training as well as an option of combining personal training with programming for those who are having trouble getting into the gym or that want more options for their training.
Thanks for checking out Oregon CrossFit in Bend, Oregon. Oregon CrossFit is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit/Personal Training facility.
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