Personal Training for Entrepreneurs

Personal Training for Entrepreneurs. One of the best ways to get a great return on your time as an entrepreneurs is utilizing personal training. Maximize your time as that is the most valuable asset.

Opening up your own business and running a business takes a lot of hard work; time, energy, and focus.  The hours are long. The journey is often daunting. Finally, a lot of people who have never felt the feeling can’t really relate.  With all of the added stress, personal health and personal well being sometimes gets put to the back burner for a significant amount of time. I wrote about “The Martyr”  and for a lot of entrepreneurs they get stuck in this trap.  

Stress Relief

The best way to combat stress is by having something that serves as stress relief.  What we have found is by doing 30 minute personal training sessions a few times a week, focusing on strength gains we successfully help the entrepreneur deal with stress more appropriately.  

We focus on strength training over conditioning particularly because intense conditioning workouts are usually harder to recover from and introduce more cortisol into the body than a properly structured strength training session.  Also when we are looking at people who are short on time we simply can achieve a lot more positive returns by focusing on strength.  

30 minute sessions

In a 30 minute session we can complete a 5 minute warm up, complete some box squats, or bench press or any other big compound lift and then still have 10 minutes to hit accessories in a circuit fashion.  These sessions yield a lot of great results and at the same time respect the busy entrepreneurs schedule.  The gains made in these sessions are real. At Oregon CrossFit we have had several people get significantly stronger. Personal training clients utilize these 30 minutes sessions 2-3x a week.  

Increase accountability

We schedule a 30 minute session. This is an appointment which increases the level of accountability. For the entrepreneur the appointment yields higher levels of compliance . The class times happen over a 12 hour period of time. The number one thing that plagues the entrepreneur is running out of time. Not enough hours in the day is a common recurring testament made by busy entrepreneurs.  

Get Started – Personal Training for Entrepreneurs

The way to get started is to book a no sweat consultation. Sit down for a 20 minute conversation to explore the ways to help you be successful. Learn how to reduce stress. Finally, avoid letting your personal health decline due to your busy work schedule.  

Get started today, learn how to maximize your time and get results. Personal Training for entrepreneurs is a way to stay healthy and maximize your time. Book a Free Consult today!

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