Personal Training Top 8 Benefits


Many approach working out as a task to do without much thought for planning.

People categorize training in their minds as a punch list item, much like cleaning their toilets or shopping for groceries. However, taking a haphazard approach to personal fitness will often yield poor or limited results.

Unlike other basic day-to-day tasks, exercise requires a honed technique to achieve the desired results

Personal training with the help of a personal trainer can develop a workout routine, nutrition guidance, and overall strategy for achieving their clients’ goals. The following are eight numerous benefits of a personal training.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Nothing is more disheartening than failing to achieve a fitness goal. With enough failure, an individual may give up on their health and wellness objectives. However, sometimes a failed gym goal is a self-fulfilled prophecy. If the individual set a goal to lose 10 pounds in a week, he or she is asking for disappointment. A personal trainer can first help to establish realistic and healthy fitness goals. Then help their clients achieve them. Going through Goal Setting planning helps get both client and personal trainer on the same page.

2. See better results sooner

Left to their own devices, many individuals wind up going to the gym with no plan. Jumping from the program to program with no direction(floating in the wind) A personal trainer can ensure the individual spends their time performing the right exercises. Establishing correct movement patterns, in exercises that will matter to the clients goals. Personal trainers are also ideal for individuals who can only commit a limited amount of time to the gym. A personal trainer can maximize their time to see results. 30 minutes is plenty of time, if necessary, to get started.

3. Keep clients accountable.

It is easy to fall off the wagon when an individual has no one to hold him or her accountable. For example, it is easy for a person to roll over and turn off the alarm clock if no one is waiting for him or her. With a personal trainer, the individual has someone expecting him or her to arrive. Which is a much better push to get up and get to the gym than a blaring alarm alone. Every morning you would be making a choice to get up and get after your goals.

4. Avoid Injuries

If an individual hasn’t exercised in a long time – or maybe ever – they are not going to move as efficiently as they could be. Lifting weights without proper form is a recipe for lasting or serious injuries. Knowing how to train and lift is not common knowledge. A personal trainer can teach individuals the right form. Correct them as they go through the exercises, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. Also a Personal trainer is going to select exercises that the client is needing and ready for. Not everyone is ready for the Olympic lifts for example.

5. Lose fat and gain muscle.

Most people who embark on a fitness journey want to lose fat, build muscle, or both. However, not many know how to go about doing that. They may spend too long on cardio and not enough time strength training or vice versa. A personal trainer can help individuals strike a proper balance to burn fat while building lean muscle. This balance will lead to faster and more sustainable results.

6. Break through plateaus.

Even the most experienced gym-goer will encounter the dreaded plateau. Maybe you have defaulted to familiar exercises or the “easier” exercises. Once the individual stops seeing results, his or her incentive to keep going to the gym will dwindle. Then it is easier to quit. A personal trainer can identify new techniques/accessories/variations to push beyond the plateau while keeping the individual motivated.

7. Challenge clients to be better.

When exercising alone, it is easy for people to fall into boring routines. A personal trainer will mix up workouts/movements/structure and bring new challenges to the table. Personal trainers are also great motivators pushing their clients to reach new personal records. The goal could be faster run time, one more rep or a few more pounds on that personal record lift. As the relationship is built the personal trainer can continue to build challenging workouts. These workouts are right for the client at that moment in time.

8. Establish lifelong exercise habits

Personal trainers help their clients achieve fitness goals, but they also help them reevaluate how they view health and wellness. Personal trainers help their clients realize fitness should be a priority in their life. Not an item to check off their to-do list. For example, some people struggle with physical limitations that make them believe they cannot exercise. A personal trainer can create a workout routine suited to their fitness level. As well as establish small goals to help set them up for success. Ultimately, everyone needs to find exercise for their health and well being in some kind of variation.

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