Steady State Cardio

Do I have to do steady state cardio to lose fat?

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Question – Do I need to do steady state cardio to lose fat?

Answer – No you don’t have to do the steady state cardio if you your goals are just to lose fat. In the early 2000’s lots of studies came out confirming this.

With this being said – is steady state cardio beneficial to you? Yes, it is a great way to build an endurance base(45 minute to 90 minute. Utilizing a conversational type pace -heart rate is going to depend on max heart rate but this pace builds your aerobic base. Steady state conditioning does a great job in helping you speed recovery. Another benefit is it does a great job of building a strong heart. Finally steady state cardio allows you time to think, or listen to an audiobook. However, you can do the same type of work by dragging sled(which will also build your hips, hamstrings, and glutes), you can do the same by walking at a brisk pace(less impact than jogging), hiking works, carrying a heavy backpack and walking, and lots of other methods.

To lose fat high intensity exercise works but too much of it won’t necessarily speed your results up.

Nutrition is key – figuring that out is first. If you are in a caloric deficit(less than 20%) and exercising you are going to start losing body fat – it’s going to happen. The problem is most people don’t know what would get them into a caloric deficit.

Another aspect of losing body fat – is for those who are the chronic exerciser. The chronic exerciser wants 2-3 hard conditioning workouts a day sometimes. They eat like a bird but train like they are a professional. Finally, they are addicted to the feeling. The chronic exerciser person is going to have a tough time losing body fat. As much as exercise, they are in such a big caloric deficit their body is storing everything possible because the body thinks there are some dire circumstances happening.

What I would suggest if you want to lose body fat – figure out your basal metabolic rate. Second, figure out where you have been nutritionally. Finally, make a plan from there. You can’t out train a bad diet no matter what you do.

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