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Dark Chocolate Sweet Potato Brownies By: Emily Rutherford After our CrossFit Open potluck last week I got a lot of requests for this brownie recipe.

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Vacation Workouts

During the winter & summer months we get a lot of requests for “Vacation Workouts”. For at home & travel workouts there are plenty of

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Training with direction

Training with direction or just training? Training with direction is implementing a plan. Just training or going through the motions is something totally different. What’s

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Sydney – Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters, Sydney! It is our hope that Sydney’s testimony will motivate & encourage you to start your own journey to become healthier, happier

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Reverse Hypers

Reverse Hypers will help you build a strong and healthy posterior chain. Want to be strong and healthy? Who doesn’t? The reverse hyper, a mythical

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Not Competitive

I’m not competitiveBy Coach Sarah News flash! Yes, you are. We all are. As humans to a degree we are all competitive in some nature.

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Enjoying the Journey

“Enjoying The Journey” Personal Training and CrossFit to By: Sarah Rogue Michelle takes advantage of everything the Pacific NW has to offer. She’s a windsurfer,

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