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Thank you!
Once again we are on the backside of another Best of the West event. We are lucky to have such great support from everyone in the Oregon CrossFit community and the greater CrossFit community. Thank you from all of us here at Oregon CrossFit for your support in running this event and thank you athletes for choosing to compete at Oregon CrossFit’s Best of the West 2018!
This year we had 320 athletes participate and over 600 people in attendance. Out of the 320 competitors, 29 were from Oregon CrossFit. To put on the event we had 75 people helping with set up/tear down, judging, volunteering, etc. Out of the 75 people helping in the event 50 of those are from Oregon CrossFit. People ask about our community events and the biggest community event we have IS THIS EVENT every summer, as it involves the OC community along with 500+ other CrossFitters in the greater Pacific Northwest.
Every year we try to improve the process for the athletes – clear judging standards, a tight schedule and fun workouts – relying upon so many who sacrifice their weekends so others can compete in a fair and organized event. The end goal of the event is very different than the CrossFit Games, where they work to find the “Fittest on Earth.” We are striving to host a fun event that doesn’t wreck you in future training, but still gives you an honest look at what you should work on to improve your physical fitness.
Hopefully, you had a great time whether you participated/volunteered/spectated. If you have specific feedback on something we can improve on – please email We always want to be moving forward!
Great Job Sean, Oregon Crossfit athletes and volunteers!!! The attention to details, programming and the organization made this competition fun to watch.
Thanks for checking out Oregon CrossFit in Bend, Oregon. Oregon CrossFit is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit/Personal Training facility.
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