Hybrid Membership’s for Personal Training

WHY would I need a Hybrid Membership?

We’ve all been at a place in our lives where we need some ACCOUNTABILITY!

OC’s Hybrid Membership options

Hybrid Memberships were built for people who enjoy group training but desire to accelerate their progress & have someone to hold them accountable.
This membership appeals to people with bigger goals and also to those who may be feeling like they’ve hit a plateau or may be frustrated with their progress.

Everyone benefits from one-on-one coaching:

Those who have tried on their own to establish an effective training routine but are struggling to stay consistent. It’s a great deal for those who want personal training but aren’t ready to invest in personal training multiple times a week.
Our group class + personal training options allow members to combine a group training membership (CrossFit) and choose from 3 levels of one-on-one personal training each month.

Motivated : Membership + 1x Session per Month
Committed : Membership + 2x Sessions per Month
Dedicated : Membership + 4x Sessions per Month

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