Everyones favorite things

Wednesday, November 14 2018

Gymnastic Prep: 3 rounds NFT: Length of middle training area - seal walk, 10 single leg squats, 150 jump rope singles, :30 ring support hold (modify distance with seal walk, modify pistols to target, support holds could be on a box or p-bar on a box or just p-bars)

Strength: Alternating - 6x10 KB Russian Swings - 6x10 Glute Ham Bridges

Recovery: 1k row (nose breathing only)

T2B-DB Snatches - Box Step overs

Tuesday, November 13 2018

WOD: 30 toes-to-bars 40 single-arm dumbbell snatches 50 dumbbell box step-overs 40 single-arm dumbbell snatches 30 toes-to-bars Men: 50-lb. dumbbells, 24-in. box Women: 35-lb. dumbbells, 20-in. box

Strength: 6x2 Split Jerk @ 85% of 1RM Split Jerk

Accessory: 2xME Push ups (or accumulate 30 total reps)

Recovery: 1x30 face down arm angels without touching the ground

"Tin Man"

Sunday, November 11 2018

WOD: ”Tin Man” 5 Rds 5 Power Cleans 205/135 5 Bench Press 205/135

Gymnastic Prep: 10 minutes working on handstand hold or walks - accumulate at least 3:00 of hollow hold or superman hold

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Tin Man: Tin Man5 rounds; 5 body weight bench presses, 5 body weight power cleans. FOR TIME

Little bit longer

Saturday, November 10 2018

WOD: 5 rounds for time of: 25 step ups 24/20 (unweighted) 50-ft. single-arm overhead lunge 50/35 Time Cap 35min Modify as needed - lunge should be 25ft on each arm. Each step up should come to full extension at top

Coaching: Discuss modifying and get set up

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Air squats

Thursday, November 8 2018

WOD: 3-minute handstand hold 100 squats 4xMiddle training area farmers carry (down and back is one) 100 squats 30 handstand push-ups 20 Min Time Cap

Strength1: 5x5 box squat @ 70% of 1RM back squat(box squat height should be at parallel)

Recovery: 1x100 banded glute ham bridges

Structures Improved

Wednesday, November 7 2018

WOD: Not For time: 3-6-9 Strict C2B Pull ups, between each set complete 30-60-90 double unders, then complete 9-6-3 strict pull ups, 90 singles, 60 singles, 30 singles. Between each pull ups and jump rope set complete 1:00 hollow hold

Strength: 3x10 on each arm kb clean and jerk

Accessory: 1x50 z press (seated with legs straight out)

Recovery: 1k row (nose breathing only)


Tuesday, November 6 2018

WOD: Complete each for time - 500m ski, 500m row, 50 cal assault bike (each as a separate effort - suggest doing the assault bike at the end)

Strength: 8x8 Bench Press @ 58-60% of 1RM Bench Press - if you remember your weight add increase at least 5#

Recovery: 1x100 banded face pulls

50 calories on Assault Bike: 50 calories on Assault Bike50 calories for time on the assault bike

500m Ski: 500m Ski500m ski sprint

500m Row: 500m Row