Tuesday, May 22

If you are interested in competing at the Best of the West Summer Event 2018 please email me - if you have already emailed me I will respond so please don't email me again : ) . If you have questions about competing or would like to volunteer to judge/set up/tear down etc please either post to comments or email.

We will be hosting a mock weightlifting meet(Snatch, Clean and Jerk) Sunday, June 3 if you would like to compete sign up is at the front desk. If you volunteer for the one session and compete in the other it is FREE! You do not have to wear a singlet - just come in ready to have fun and lift some weights. Questions post to comments or email.

WOD: 3 rounds - 20/15 assault bike - 20 single arm kb rack to overhead 53/35 - 20/15 burpee (press, push press, push jerk any is okay for the kb to overhead)

Strength: 9x3 Floor Press @ 80% of 1RM floor press (should be fast still- so you may do all three of your weakest grip sets first, or drop the weight if 80% is too challenging for the day)

Accessory: 2x50 db bent over rows

Recovery: 1:00 hollow hold


Monday, May 21

WOD: “Fran” 21-15-9 Thruster 95/65 and Pull ups (10 min time cap - scale to get done in 10 minutes or less - use ring rows for pull ups)

Strength: Good morning 8 rep max (use either a speciality bar or a regular bar)

Accessory: 2x50 Russian Swings

Recovery: 50 lunge steps un weighted

Fran: Fran


Sunday, May 20

WOD: WOD: Lynne 5 rounds for max reps of: Body-weight bench presses Pull-ups Complete in 40 minutes - warm up as necessary and rest between rounds as necessary, scale as needed like any other workout - pick a load that allows you to complete at least 10 reps on first round - this can be done with strict or kipping pull ups. The pull ups are done unbroken

Recovery: Coaches Choice

Lynne: LynneComplete 5 rounds of Body weight bench press, and pull ups. Complete with a 40 minute time cap. Record total bench press reps, and kipping/butterfly pull ups

Every 3:00

Sunday, May 20

WOD: 5x250m row every 3:00m

Strength: 3 rounds not for time: Double over head carry LOB, double front rack kb carry, double kb farmers carry

Recovery: Coaches Choice



Friday, May 18

WOD: “JT” HSPU, Ring Dip, Push Up 21-15-9 (20 min time cap - if you have completed kipping complete strict or vice versa)

Strength: Seated press from pins at nose height - 1RM

Accessory: No time

Recovery: 2x25 - banded face pulls and banded tricep extensions


Squats & Jerks

Thursday, May 17

WOD: 3 rounds - 12 front squats 115/85, 10 push jerks 115/85 (from ground)

Strength: OH Squat 5x5 @ 75%

Gymnastic Prep: Complete 100 Hollow rocks with 2.5 pound plate overhead - every 25 reps pause for :10

Recovery: With hip circle, monster walk length of training area


Wednesday, May 16

WOD: NOT FOR TIME - 5xLOB sled drags walking heal to toe, 3x25m prowler sprint, 2k row

Strength: 3 rounds not for time: 10 scottish get ups, 25 banded upright rows, 1:00 plank

Accessory: N/A

Recovery: 5:00 minute Assault Bike, nose breathing only


Tuesday, May 15

WOD: 4x1K row @ 80% of best 1k row, rest 3-4 minutes between rows (figure 25-30 minutes to complete)

Strength: 10x2 Push Press @ 70% of 1RM Push Press (10 -15 minutes)

Accessory: 1x Max push ups - into max push ups to a 35/25 plate - into max push ups into 45# plate - subs you could complete this using max push ups max push ups into sling shot - max push ups using sling shot and shorter range of motion (5-7 minutes) Use a partner to help you put plates under your chest

Recovery: 1x1:00 banded static overhead hold (2 minutes)