Lift some stuff

Sunday, December 17

WOD: Complete 10 rounds with dumbbells: 5 db deadlifts, 5 db front squats, 5 db push jerks, 5 db hang cleans (increase weight each round, no time limit)

Strength: 3 rep fat bar/axle deadlift or use the trap/hex bar and work up to a heavy triple

Accessory: 3x20 Reverse Hyper

Recovery: Foam Roll


three WOD Thursday

Thursday, 12/14

WOD1: Three 2 min AMRAPs, rest 2 minutes between amraps, WOD1: 5 shoulder to overhead 185/135, 5 burpee box jumps 30/24, (start from the ground every round, scale weights as needed)

WOD2: 5 shoulder to overhead 135/95, 5 box jumps 24/20

WOD3: 10 shoulder to overhead 95/65, 10 burpee box jumps 24/20

Strength: 5x5 OH squat @ 70%

Accessory: 4x4 each leg cossack squats

Recovery: 1x50 banded good mornings