Assault bike work

Tuesday, April 25

WOD: Complete 50 calories for time on assault bike, rest as needed complete 25 calories on assault bike. Record each time

Strength: 10x2 Push Press @ 65% of 1RM push press

Accessory: 3x10 bent over row, 3x10 push up, 3x20 seated banded rows (complete in between bike as needed)

Recovery: 1:00 min plank or banded 1:00 min plank

25 calories on the Assault Bike: 25 calories on the Assault Bike25 calories for time on the Assault Bike

50 calories on Assault Bike: 50 calories on Assault Bike50 calories for time on the assault bike

Front squat 1REP Max

Monday, April 24

Rowing Spring Start: Here

WOD: Complete on rower 1x150m sprint rest :30 1x100m sprint, 1x125, rest :30, 1x100m sprint, rest : 30, 1x100m sprint, rest:30, 1x50x4 with :15 rest(do not worry about total time just try to work on sprint start on rower and being as efficient as possible

Strength: Front Squat 1RM

Recovery: 30 cobra push ups

Front Squat: Front Squat

46 min emom

Saturday, April 22

WOD: 46 min EMOM, odd minutes complete 150/130m row, even minutes complete 1-5 strict pull ups(scale with what you haven’t done lately, if you ring rowed last time complete jumping pull ups 2 a round. Train what you need to train not what is the easiest scale)

Recovery: Coaches Choice