Saturday legs

Saturday, March 17

Reminder: Submit your scores for 18.4! Please do not wait until the last minute.

WOD: 5 rounds, 25 step ups(20 inches not weighted), 30 db lunges 50/35(at sides of your body), 25/15 push ups, 10/8 strict pull ups (scale this if needed by cutting the push up and pull up numbers down)

Strength: 5x4 OH squat @ 70%

Recovery: Coaches Choice


Wednesday, March 14

WOD: 5 rounds, 20 russian swings, 100 singles or 50 D/U’s

Gymnastic Prep: 3 rounds not for time: 5 single leg squats each leg, :30 L-Sit (or knee tuck), 5 supine ring row with feet elevated if possible, 10 Kipping swings

Accessory: 100 lunge steps (unweighted)

Recovery: Foam Roll

another mainsite gem

Monday, March 12

Reminder: Submit your scores for 18.3!!! Do not wait to submit, get it done. 3 weeks down, 2 weeks to go.

WOD: Five 3-minute rounds of: 10 front squats 185/125 10 box jumps 36/30 Row for max calories Rest 3 minutes between rounds. workout courtesy of

Strength: 1 rep zercher squat off pins(set pins at parallel, use fat bar or pad and stand up with weight)

Recovery: Foam roll

On and on

Saturday, March 10

Reminder: SUBMIT YOUR SCORES FOR 18.3, do not wait until Monday at 4:30pm and text me asking for your scores, get your stuff submitted early!!!

WOD: 10 rounds: Odd rounds: 250m row 20 wall ball Even rounds: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squat thrust Rest 1:00 between rounds

Recovery: Coaches Choice

10 and 30

Friday, March 9

Reminder: OC will have Friday night Open workouts starting at 5:30. The first heat will be at 5:45pm. Please be respectful of both the 4:30pm GP class as well as the 4:30pm 9-12 year Sports performance class. Warm ups should start only after they are done training.

WOD: Complete 3 rounds, 10 Power cleans 155/105, 30 D/U

Strength : Floor Press with DB 10 RM

Accessory: 3x12 db tate presses

Recovery: 1x100 banded tricep extensions