10 Rounds, Walking lunges, situps, DH pullups

Thursday, March 22 Challenge: Press 3x5 Play: Foam roll

WOD: 10 Rounds, 20 Walking lunges DB/KB, 10 Sit ups, 5 DH Pull Ups



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    • Guestover 5 years ago

      Really with more legs??

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsover 5 years ago

      Who's excited for Infranity? Again...

    • Guestover 5 years ago

      Isn't this like your 6th time doing it Pat? Just make up with score or something ;)

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsover 5 years ago

      Maybe if I add up all my reps from previous attempts I will have a decent score?

    • 09819bbd2d2ba3507215219308d45561
      Collin Brooksover 5 years ago

      It's going to suck.

    • 403b3b981da91fd327195fcd4b8d3ddb
      Amanda Gowover 5 years ago

      I really want to do today's wod :( Darn you work!!!

    • Guestover 5 years ago

      When I got done with infranity a couple months ago, I made a vow never to do it again

    • Isaac Messettover 5 years ago

      Miss you guys! I just did wod 12.5 and got 15+8=83 reps. I'll repeat Sunday. Hope you all crush it there!