4 Rounds row and hang power snatches

Wednesday, February 1 Registration for the Crossfit OPEN here: https://games.crossfit.com/mygames/ Challenge: Burgener Warm Up Play: Traveling mobility

WOD: 4 Rounds, 500m row, 20 Hang Power Snatches 95/65



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    • Guestover 6 years ago

      What happened to the 4:30 class on the sign ups?

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsover 6 years ago

      No snatch jokes today? I mean it is hump day and we are doing Snatches.....Nothing?

      Looking forward to everyone registering!!!! The Open is a fun way to challenge yourselves and see where you stack up on a Global Scale. Probably wait until tomorrow, since Crossfit posted that the registration isn't live yet.

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      How about this Patrick?!?! To nail a great snatch it takes great technique. Or - Everyone would rather being doing a snatch rather than a jerk! :)

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      How about this Patrick?!?!

      It takes great technique to nail a good snatch!
      I would rathering be doing a snatch than a jerk!

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsover 6 years ago

      See, that's more like it.

      Speaking of snatches, here is one young man that knows how to handle a Heavy Snatch.

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      can't wait to see everyone's snatch tonight.

    • Dennis Collinsover 6 years ago

      Here’s a couple great inspirational videos for todays WOD.



    • 9b8d5386926dce3674455bcad15d2d77
      Sean Wellsover 6 years ago

      @OC the 4:30 class is back on mindbody. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • 1c390e2de795e75f7c4b6c12fdf082c7
      Natasha McEuinover 6 years ago

      Sorry to be missing class today all you snatches that will show. :) This stupid cold of mine is winning and any cardio would probably leave me lying on the floor unable to breathe. :(

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      I don't always talk about snatches, but when I do I prefer to talk about my own.