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Wednesday, July 25

Warm up: 100 abmat sit ups - every 25 sit ups complete 10 supine ring rows After 2x 1:00 each side birdog

Conditioning: Workout: Row 2k - rest 3 minutes - Ski 1k or run 800m - rest 3 minutes - 100/80 cal assault bike

2k Row: 2k RowComplete 2000m on the concept 2 erg. Set the monitor to count down so that you have an accurate time.

100 Calories on the Assault Bike : 100 Calories on the Assault Bike 100 calories on the assault bike for time

1k Row: 1k Rowuse the Concept2 erg and complete a 1k for time. Program the monitor before starting

800m Run: 800m Run


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