BODY WEIGHT Awesomness!!!

Thursday, December 29 CHALLENGE: Turkish Get ups 12 Total (As heavy as possible) PLAY: mobility

WOD:  5 Rounds, 50 OH walking lunges, 50 Sit ups



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    • Guestover 6 years ago

      This could take a little while....45#s Sean?

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      Patrick Wellsover 6 years ago

      Dennis, please read the title: "Bodyweight Awesomeness"......Which to be fair, might mean you are just holding your hands overhead? I guess it is a mystery - show up and find out? :)

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      You should stop drunk posting Dennis,it just gives us more to tease you about.

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      You guys don't know what you're talking hold your body weight over head while doing lunges.

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      I'm glad I can be here for your entertainment pleasure Star.