Thursday, March 29 We still have a few jump ropes left.  They are $24, bring cash please! Coach Pat set it up for you all to be able to sign up for classes from FACEBOOK.  So feel free to check in and let your friends know that you will be down here crushing a WOD!  If you have questions about it or find problems please contact Coach Pat: patrickrwells@gmail.com. Challenge:  30 Shoot Thrus on P-bars Play: Foam Roll

WOD: 10 Mins EMOM perform 4 burpees, rest of the minute accumulate as many reps as possible on wall ball. 20/14



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    • Patricia Maddoxabout 6 years ago

      @Patrick...Thanks for the pic! It is perfect.

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsabout 6 years ago

      Glad I could help! :) This looks like a great workout...if only it wasn't my rest day.