Crossfit TOTAL

Monday, January 23 Challenge: 1K Row, optional after the total is established Play: MOBILITY

WOD: Max Shoulder Press, Max Squat, Max DL, 3 attempts at each lift after you warm up



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    • Guestover 6 years ago

      Yyyeeeeaaaaaaa! Let's see some New PR's go up! It would be awesome to see how many people get PR's on this one, make sure to utilize the whiteboard and let's count 'em at the end of the day! Any takers?!

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      You seem gay

      Not that there is anything wrong with that...

    • 773c6dc43760f793c15d7194493d746b
      Patrick Wellsover 6 years ago

      I like PR's.

    • 9b8d5386926dce3674455bcad15d2d77
      Sean Wellsover 6 years ago

      We had lots of PR's @ 9. The rest of the classes are going to have to bring it.

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      @ Star, you could work on your tact! Just so I know, are you referring to the comment Mike left today or the Chippendale outfit he was sporting on Rocky Balboa theme day?

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      I got three PRs tonight and almost passed out! Nice work 4:30 class!

    • Patricia Maddoxover 6 years ago

      @ Natasha and Abey..great job tonight on the lifts. It was a lot of fun lifting with you guys. I think we all 3 PR on all 3 lifts! Thanks for the encouragement from you guys and you Coach Carrie

    • Judi Knappover 6 years ago

      Hey Sean not that you're going to remember, but did you say there was 75lbs on each end of our bar for back squats?

    • Guestover 6 years ago

      Strict Press PR by 10 lbs. - Back Squat PR by 5 lbs. - Deadlift PR by 10 lbs ... 5k Row PR by .34 seconds...HAPPY MONDAY! Great job everyone! P.s. Dennis, you beat me by 16 lbs. On the total for the day!'re on my list, great work man!

    • 9b8d5386926dce3674455bcad15d2d77
      Sean Wellsover 6 years ago

      @OC, awesome work today. 70+ people trained today and there were tons and tons of PR's. Love the work effort today.

      @Judi, not sure. Don't really remember. Sorry.