Medball cleans and sit ups

Wednesday, March 28

Again Faster Jump Ropes are in, they are $24.  Please bring cash. : )

Challenge: Floor Press, 5, 5,5,5,5

Play: Mobility

WOD: 4 Rounds, 20 Med Ball Cleans 20/15, 20 Abmat Sit ups



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      Natasha Mceuinover 3 years ago

      Shout out to Brittney Perron at the 9 a.m. class today. Way to finish that WOD without giving up! You are so strong. :)

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      Patrick Wellsover 3 years ago

      @Facebook users. If you want to sign up for class and the website is down or Facebook is faster for you, you can navigate to our Facebook Page: and find the Class Schedule icon. Clicking on that will allow you to see the classes for that day and get through to MindBody to sign up. :)

    • Guestover 3 years ago

      I tried to sign up that way but coulded find the icon. Is this perhaps not a option on phones or can only certain students sign up that way? You know Selective Studentry is tyranny and in some countries illegal.

    • Guestover 3 years ago

      Selective Enforcement is also a form of tyranny, the being said, can we enforce that confused guy use correct grammar and spelling, it's making the rest of us look bad.

    • Guestover 3 years ago

      Ok..."the being said" lady

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      Patrick Wellsover 3 years ago

      @Dennis, I don't think it is an option on phones...You need an app, which costs money. It's more of a website option, in case our site is down, or in case you are on Facebook - faster.