Dumbbell Work

Monday, May 13 2019

May 18 at 10 am is our 10 year party - we will have some kind of team workout and then Life and Time afterwards. All are invited. FITNESS - FOOD - FRIENDS!

We would love to celebrate 10 years with our FITNESS FAMILY!

Workout together at 10:00am

Lunch at 11:00am - catered by our friends LIFE & TIME

Please RSVP by completing the quick survey linked in tickets for each person in attendance. This will help us know how much food to provide.

Cheers to another 10 years!!!

WOD: 3 rounds 12 db front squats 50/35, 10 db push jerks 50/35

Strength: Ultra wide sumo deadlift - 1RM

Accessory: 2x50 single leg deadlifts using two db/kb (2 total on each leg or 100 reps on each leg)

Recovery: 1x50 single leg banded glute ham bridges


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    Sean Wells3 months ago

    For those wanting to come to the 10 year party:


    Fill that out so we have the correct information please!!