Row, row, row, your boat

Friday, March 30 Don't skip this, its important to go longer every once in awhile, and we are(hopefully) almost done with rowing season.  I thought about posting a fake wod up but then thought that all of you like a challenge or else you wouldn't be training at OC.  I would like to be able to fill the 5k row spots on the white board, come in and get it done!!! Challenge: coaches choice of ab work Play: Mobility

WOD: 5K Row



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    • Guestabout 6 years ago

      This isn't a "I'm gonna start my weekend a day early and not Row 5K" day....Embrace The Suck OC, We aren't cherry pickers!

    • Guestabout 6 years ago

      I believe I will run a 5k and then row a 5k...with headphones after I create a new playlist entitled, "Sean Sucks".

    • Guestabout 6 years ago

      I've never done a 5K row before but am excited to finally have a reason to. Whats a good time? Sub 23?

    • 1c390e2de795e75f7c4b6c12fdf082c7
      Natasha McEuinabout 6 years ago

      I am in and have never done a 5 k row. Will be interesting to see what becomes of it. See you in the a.m. :)

    • Guestabout 6 years ago

      I did it once, at COC, at the 5am class. All I remember is redundant hell...

    • Guestabout 6 years ago

      Hold on...rethought this. If you row a 2:00 500 meter pace (should be easy) then a sub 20:00 would be ok.

    • Guestabout 6 years ago

      Awwww...right up my alley! Wish I could do this one! Soon...have fun my 5:30pm peeps :)

    • Judi Knappabout 6 years ago

      NO,NO,NO!!!!! I don't want to embrace any of this Mike! Do I have to have this conversation AGAIN I would rather do ANYTHING besides row! @Sean you should have lied. Happy Friday OC and good luck on this one!

    • Patricia Maddoxabout 6 years ago

      Can we make it up if we r out of town? Get to it OC..we embrace the worst to do our best!

    • 9b8d5386926dce3674455bcad15d2d77
      Sean Wellsabout 6 years ago

      @OC, 5:30am class showed up and got it done. Nice work to the early birds.


      At least it isn't a 10K, right?