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Saturday, March 21 2020

At OC we are moving online after today for all group training. Be on the look out for calls/texts/emails from your coach. If you want supplements - fit aid - rx bars- OC apparel to rock in the quarantine - we are selling it all at 20% off. Get it now! This will help ensure you can get your protein drink in and look good while doing it! Thank you! Stay Positive! This too shall pass!

WOD: For time:10 burpee box jumps, 25 Russian swings 800m run , 25 Russian swings 10 burpee box jumps Option B: 10 burpee box jumps, 25 Pvc pipe thrusters , 1,000m ski/row or 2k c2 bike, 25 Thrusters, 10 burpee box jumps Option C: 10 burpee box jumps , 25 thrusters w/pvc , 40m prowler sprint x4, 25 pvc thrusters

Recovery: Coaches Choice


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